Japan Day 2016; Special Reveals Awesome news!

Japan Day 2016 and NYC Reveals!

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So today I took the liberty of joining an awesome festival at Japan Day 2016, let me tell you all the cool stuff about it, free food, awesome cultures and hilariously funny people in cosplay, especially nice little attraction tents to fill your needs at this small event in Central Park, crave some more? Grab a damn Ramen Bowl and get the hell out there! So while cruising around I managed to get some awesome shots and fun views for those many out there I personally Enjoyed every bit of it, I saw a lot of comedic face masks that I wish I took more pictures of, I saw kids really getting in on the creativity of the Japanese Calligraphy and I saw people going at it trying to YO-YO fish the living hell out of some balloons because Japan.

What’s also special about today?

It’s HAPPY MOTHERS DAY, GO Love the woman who gave birth to you

Also, some more cool shit!

Some more cool shit includes people breakdancing and pan-handlers showing off their mad skills while near the event at Bethesda Terrace (Of course we all know, they trying to get paid). Also, some things to note, being inside of Central Park also means an amazing view of the growing greens and awesome smelling plants you can bring your lady friend here, and come out a man by the end of the day. I hope no one actually took that serious though. You have vendors all around to eat some, but here’s a tip. Don’t buy from them they’re pretty over expensive just for that event. $3.00 just for a bag of nuts lol They must be nuts…

A little extra –

So not only is being around some Cosplay is fun and cool, but being around actual Japanese people, walking through this place personally made me feel like I was in Japan Myself and man did this make me comfortable, I was nothing more but highly entertained maybe due to the small attention span I have or just generally the awesomeness from this experience, but one thing is for certain is that if you don’t come here you’ll miss out on new and upcoming things and specials that you won’t get to see at all, this is a nice experience you should enjoy once in a while. So while I enjoyed it, you should too, now like I said before get the hell out there and enjoy the damn thing WTF!


You’ll find the big reveals in Part 2!



Gintoo out!

Last modified: May 8, 2016