Bullet Train Comes to New York!

Japan Day 2016 Reveals Pepper the Robot and Bullet Train for NYC

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JAPAN DAY 2016 and Pepper the Robot

Japan day 2016 has revealed Pepper the Robot and man does it look freaking cool, not only are you able to seem how realistic and close the reality this robot is, but you can clearly see how amazing it is that technology is expanding, So here’s what it is, Pepper is an AI generated robot which understands human communication and such, when I say this Robot I was amazed because of one thing.. How accurate he was, whenever a person got close to him to take a picture, he would move to face and pose with that person, this was an extremely amazing thing to see. I was blown out my freaking mind my god!

Japan Day 2016; Pepper the Robot revealed and awesome!

Pepper the Robot moving around his arms and body

JAPAN DAY 2016 and Bullet Train from NYC to DC!

I had the same reaction! Holy F*** How cool is that?! I was like what?? Seriously this can’t be true but it is and it’s happening, finally we get to see NYC get some kind of upgrade for once in their lifetime, and at 300mph, that’s more nuts than the guys that sell them in the corner! So finding this out NYC will be able to ride these amazing Japanese Trains from here to DC in under or close to an hour, and enjoy a comfortable experience like never before I know everyone and their mom will want to try this out and I can’t wait either, I’ll be the first one on my way riding that piece of tech with a big grin on my damn face!

Bullet Train Comes to New York!

Last modified: May 8, 2016