Pokemon Go being released in Japan soon

Pokemon Go Releasing in Japan soon, but troubles are everywhere

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If you have been following the Pokemon Go Universe you’re going to find out that there has been trouble trying to pass the game onto other countries and this isn’t a bad thing at all, but it’s troublesome for many people, Pokemon Go has received so much hype in the past week and a half, rose to popularity in a day and successfully brought up the rise of Nintendo’s Stocks which are at an all time high in record numbers for Nintendo’s already growing mass giant, but this isn’t about that part of their success story this is about the damn fans wanting to play the game asap, and it’s not happening any time soon yet!

Nintendo STOCK (AS OF JULY 18TH, 2:44PM)

▲ 3.57 (10.69%)

Pokemon Go Japan

Me and this guy have matching phones.

Japanese People wait for Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go has not released in it’s motherland A.K.A Japan simply for one reason and one reason only, are the servers ready for it’s Japanese gamers? See in a market where a large junk of gamers come from Japan this isn’t surprising to see, but what makes this game, this beautiful juicy pokeman(intentional) so great is that not only male and some female players want to play, but almost all if not many of Japan including male and female (so you don’t accuse me of sexism) wants to get their hands on this game, even some elderly are anticipating this game! Sure it makes sense to wait until the servers are ready, but how long is that going to take, because not even the servers now can handle the fans in the U.S and an abundance of fucking crashes keep happening it’s like the worst kind of shit since shit. These crashes aren’t just crashes, but they are also game breakers so game breaking that they have the ability to make the pokemon you were about to catch a myth, since it’ll never be saved into you’re records that you actually caught it, the laggy code in the backend 😉 is really freaking terrible as it slows down the game much more causing the crashes and then on top of this hot mess  sucking the living life out of our batteries in a matter of Milli-seconds. Can you say death? Because that’s about the same way you’re phone is going to be in about 2 minutes after playing.

Although the game is amazingly awesome, you get to actually catch them all and enjoy it on the go hence the name Pokemon Go obviously, but if Niantic wants to successfully push this title onto their belts they have to work quick and push out the updates faster, as fans grow impatient and irritable to play the game. Another scary problem that has occured that has raised issues with the people who use their Google accounts to play the game, as it involves the taking of their private information potentially risking their security, after this had spread word Niantic made quick to update the game as fast as possible and quick fix the issue that was in everyone’s mind, they have since updated the game so that it would only take your email and username to register into the system so you can have a saved account on the system. Which basically means they prevented a big ass downfall that could’ve of potentially killed Nintendo and themselves. Well saying that it’ll kill Nintendo is an overstatement it’s still a gigantic behemoth in gaming and I’m pretty sure it’s going nowhere for now, but anyways with this you can play the game and not have to worry about your information being stolen by some assholes. Niantic basically said  “We got you guys, no worries”.

Loading image for Pokemon GO

Updates to the game add definition

Updates to the game have been pushed out aforementioned in the above text, but not only this there will be updates coming very soon in the very near future these updates will be listed down below.

Leaderboards –

Niantic will be adding player leaderboards so that they can compete with each other in a more “friendly” environment, but we all know that’s bullshit as there are going to be players going for gold and it’s going to be a highly competitive playing field going on soon enough.

Trading p2p –

There will be trading in the upcoming update of Pokemon Go, so for those of you who didn’t know, you’re not able to catch every single Pokemon in the game because you are set in your location, different from somebody else, this is pretty much the reason you have to go outside and explore the world even if you find a dead body or two because basically you’ll encounter a lot of Pokemon that you’ll be missing out if you didn’t. If you didn’t though you can always trade the Pokemon you’ve caught in your local area for another that you require or want, and exchange it. It’s a simple concept that can really benefit your adventure.

More pokemon…

You didn’t hear it from us, but you know that 250 limit roster of the original Pokemon you have now? Well if we got a rumor right, they’ll be updating the roster and adding a few more Pokemon to that limit so you can have fun play with balls and catch the next generation of Pokemon, so stay tuned and keep your phones on as you’ll be experiencing fucking bliss catching way more Pokemon than you anticipated so don’t worry your little heads on that.

fixes to those damned crashes

Yes finally the server will hopefully be fixed by then and they will fix all the insane crashes happening as of lately, which is really killing us honestly, so if you have a big niche problem about the way the game played because of these insane crashes you’ll be happy to know that they’ll be stabilizing the game very soon and you can catch Pokemon that you wanted to catch without losing your head over it!


And that’s been my 2 cents on the whole situation that’s going down in Japan and as to a release date that should be in the next week Hopefully Japan will get to Enjoy the game as much as we are currently so let’s get to that Niantic! Don’t piss me off! Thanks

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Last modified: August 15, 2016