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10 Great releases coming soon!

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If you’re a gamer like I am, and follow up on much news, you’ll then come to terms with many things being integrated into our future such as things like hardware, software and media and much much more. Of course I could talk more about this, but I’m pretty sure we’re here for the topic up top. Right? SO! As I’ve been researching my head off to find the best and most interesting games to go out on a limb and purchase, I will upload and share it with you all so prepare and preserve your face twitches, I picked these games basely dependent on anticipation, popularity or just because it was my liking so let me show you my list of…

 Top 10 Games to be released this year!

Fallout 4

一. Surprised you there right? So this game is fairly my number 1 anticipated series a few down after my lovely Zelda series, but I think everyone knows this will be a weighted argument. So Fallout 4, not only is it going to be on the New-Gen of consoles, but it’s really going to be an amazing outline on why you should take the upgrade. What I believe will be the most significant part in the game standing out from the crowd is it’s original ideas and impact on the world you do with as you please. I think we all can mostly say it’s a series where you can dramatically impact your first person character and own your skills and see how you survive in a world that has been radiated a billion times over!

Star Wars BattleFront #ForceForDaniel

二。I will say that this game has definitely been on my To-Buy list after all it’s going to be me relaxing, drinking a cup of tea while I here a nagging Wife, telling me to get off, but of course that’s just me right? Everyone shares a different opinion and I’m entitled to one! So Star Wars: Battlefront, ah how this game will bring me joy, on a serious note let’s point out why this game is going to be epic, 1. YOU CAN BE A JEDI! 2. if your not about that life you can always be a shooter? 3. Beautiful atmosphere 4. Fast paced gameplay 5. intense 6. Revival. Finally we get to see a revamp of a Star Wars game that actually might make an impact on those fans who commemorate  their last dying wishes to. Please check out #ForceForDaniel on Twitter and Facebook and show some support, but this will also be a game that will be played for a very long time.

Assassin's Creed Syndicate

三。Now everyone has to know this series off the bat, parkour, speed, action, fighting, weapons and RPG, are some of the things this series has to offer, from the amazing tale of a clan who spreads way farther in history than any other and are pure bred assassin’s who use every tip & trick in the handbook to get what they want, not only do I want to freerun, but I like to freerun in an open world, with a fantastic physical environment in which I can enjoy some history, culture and power in a video game. I personally suggest checking this series out as it is known for it’s very intuitive gameplay, it initiated the art of Parkour, after Mirror’s Edge.

Xenoblade Chronicles X

四。 I know I mentioned some games from Xbox and Sony, but if you’re ever suggesting leaving Nintendo out of the game, you must be biased, childish and non-intuitive. Nintendo is known for being family friendly, but it also has been creating one of longest known franchises in gaming history including Zelda, Mario, Donkey Kong, Metroid, Pikmin, Pokemon and so so much more. Nintendo has fallen in the recent years with it’s failed marketing ploy of the Wii U, but they bring out the mama in games for real! So Xenoblade X! Bam! Que Explosives and all that goes. Xenoblade is a series where RPG and creative gameplay with fun-packed action meet, and just swim in juices that make audiences scream for more, I honestly love the Mech idea and if you love playing multiplayer with friends and others then you can check that off the list if you go and pick this up, that is if you have a Wii U, this game has story, imagination, idea, creativity and a whole arch of goodness. So check that out if you can.

Yo-Kai Watch

五。Yokai Watch is easily another game that I will be looking forward to, I like that it’s very Pokemon-ish, the idea goes, a young boy goes out into the world, pulls out a capsule that releases a yo-kai, a special being in which is grateful that it gives you a watch that allows the ability to be-friend and capture beings just like him, so you get to explore beautifully designed world in an anime theme, and fight and befriend everything and anything. I think in my opinion this series will be a fun one, it’ll be something different from Pokemon and it’s clean, in terms of design. I really love how smooth it runs and looks in trailer so I’d put that in my list of pre-orders.

Uncharted 4

六。Chart your calender’s with Uncharted I mean, come on! Parkour and History exploring the ancients and myths of our world?! Count me in, the main character is Drake(Not the famed rapper), but the protagonist to an adventure game that really deepens into your roots, I recently replayed the whole 3 installments in the series and was amazed at how detailed everything was, each better than before well there were some minor hiccups, but nothing that stopped me from enjoying the game. If you want to see how shooting guns in third person and discovering new worlds within your world, you should really check this game out. Uncharted is really an awesome piece of work.

Mighty No.9

七。Mighty No.9 is a game designed by Keiji Inafune, if any of you looked it up, you will notice that he was the designer behind Megaman and what better series to create other than Mighty No.9, this game resembles mega man, but how it should be, being not designed by Capcom and instead Comcept Keiji’s own studio, this game will have everything that Megaman needed, original music, new fresh gameplay, beauty tips, and better style and enemies with a brand new story. I personally recommend this series if you enjoyed playing a series like Megaman before and want to enjoy an original idea that still closely compares to that.

Street Fighter V

八。Hadouken! Unfortunately this is an exclusive series, even though it was available for almost all consoles, but I have no idea what happened, mo’ money mo’ loss, but if you love fighting games and action, with humans who have superhuman abilities you should definitely check this game out, it’s a third person, combo arcade style game that will have everyone on their toes when playing, this game I think is best when you play it with friends, I really like how they are offering a tournament system and a new perspective of playing the game, I also love how visually stunning it is, but I must warn you if you were looking for a good story in this type of series you looked wrong, this series has not been really known for it’s story, but rather it’s great gameplay. So give it a go! Ryu’s not messing around!

Rodea The Sky Soldier

九。This game is pretty interesting, in being that it is exclusive to the Nintendo platforms currently on the market, it has a great little concept about it, ‘Fighting in the Sky’. I like the idea of fighting enemies in the Sky of course we’ve had games like that before, such as Star Fox, but this game doesn’t use any type of vehicle or that to my knowledge, it does however kick ass, you make arks to control your character on screen while also , maneuvering to different locations of the game’s world and then, fight different enemies that are gigantic in comparison and tactile at the same time, the idea is you’re flying, adventuring and having an awesome action packed adventure that I’ll soon be trying out.

Call Of Duty Black Ops 3

十。Lastly, Call Of Duty is only on this list because I like some shooting games.. That’s it!

Anyways that concludes my Top 10 list and I hope you want to share your opinions at the bottom.

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