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Battlefield 5 goes back to it’s roots: Release Date and more

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As you read above it is likely that you know, that Battlefield 5 will be going back to it’s roots which means Battlefield is going back to World War 1 and how do we exactly know this? Well from a exclusive premiere trailer that we’ve managed to get our hands on! So watch it below and we’ll talk about it later.


Oh SnapĀ  battlefield 5 winning?!

So in the battle – field (pun not intended or maybe it was) we can see in this damn delicious trailer that it’s looking a bit timely and back on the grounds, how it should be, this is a warfare game, not a space game *Cough* infinite warfare *Cough*, what I personally found so awesome was that a company like EA has been getting back on it’s feet and actually starting to become a decent game company once again, I believe the many mutliplayer FPS gamers are going to be happy with this one as it’s really going to look fantastic on a new gen system and this is just going to kick CoD in the ass to start improving. I love this kind of rivalry because I know damn well, People are going to jump on battlefield and leave CoD behind creating competition again.

Fun fact #(Iforgot):

Everyone remembers the experience they had with MW2, and now they can realize that again with this game, I used to destroy other gamers online with my squad and I think a game like battlefield will bring me back to those days of actual communication and goofing off with my friends instead of little 5 years getting on and talking trash. Seriously is any parent caring about this shit? Parental controls have been invented and they actually work. Anyways that’s just a small rant, let’s continue this path or righteous lovely pieces of art and push this kind of gaming in the industry one that provides a quality to it.

Possible Release: “EARLY OCTOBER 2016”

Also if I’m a hypocrite… Suck it.. GAME ON!

Last modified: May 6, 2016