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Dating Simulators and the real

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Now today’s topic is a little more “in-depth” I should say, most people would disregard a topic such as this, but I’m finding it a more rather interesting idea on what Humans really want and what they see, I also find the relations between different nationalities and see what’s different. The ones I do MOSTLY want to talk about are cultures in Japan and in the West or Americas.

Now before you go all bonkers, and try to hadouken me with a SP level 4 Bar, I just want to give a few examples and ideas here:

Hatoful boyfriend

Hatoful Boyfriend; Relationships

Hatoful boyfriend is well as you see it a strange dating simulator, people often go for dating Sims as a way to express their feelings or to just fantasize about woman or men (equal argument). People generally seem fond of influencing their characters and bending them to their every need, as well as having something that can show a little affection even if it is just a game, but the ideas of love from the Japanese are a bit tougher for woman, I guess you could say. My wife is Japanese and her idea of love was so heavily seeked from westerners.

Oh sir what do you mean?! Well I’ll tell ya, the reason the old broad is in love with me is because of Westerners grand gestures, most Japanese men are humbled and care much about others, but they often create a wall between themselves and an love interest, making them inferior and indifferent from the common folk here in the U.S. Japanese men don’t often confront with their emotions and it can be literally like a boulder being carried on the shoulder, although if that were true they would be more open.

How to get a Japanese woman, you ask? Man if I had the answer to that I wouldn’t have gone through all the trouble to find my wife. Well in actuality it was shear coincidence and the only thing I can say is, care about woman, love them as much as you love yourself and treat them like royalty and most likely you will find yourself being with one.

Anyways enough of ‘love’ it’s a terrifying, cool and great subject. But we’re gamers and we need some tension! So Dating Simulators are becoming a norm, in the form, of a man living alone in his dorm (Like my rhymes?). I personally think dating sims are bad in the sense that if you get addicted you might not know what a real passionate love is, I love video games, but I love real woman more than I love virtual ones. If you catch my drift, I personally think Dating Sims are fun and extremely entertaining, but really please for the sake of living don’t get pulled into it too much, IRL is a large dungeon, so go ahead and explore it!

That’s it for Today I’ve been Draginto and GooOdByye!

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Last modified: October 15, 2015