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Virtual Reality – A sensation of new, but old

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Virtual reality, I can’t digress this topic of importance with so many gamers in this world, but let me try to, Virtual reality is a totally different and new experience from what we’ve seen in these recent years of gamership, I personally think it’s a fantastic idea there are so many things that you could possibly do with VR such as create an instant world of whatever and be the controller, ruler or more. Who knows! That’s the best part about making possibilities a reality.

Now the problem here is that, although it’s a great idea, there’s many skids and slates that need to be checked before hand, your sense of reality (what’s real and what’s not). Ideals and presence, my biggest concern for us jumping into the wonders of VR are that people will begin to think that the real world isn’t a place should be in, I mean we’ve seen movies where these kids basically caved themselves in home to just be inside of a world that doesn’t exist. (Gamer) but also, what about violent games that involves acts of murder and such, I’m pretty sure every gamer and plus would know the difference between real world and not so real world, but there are a select few of whom which go mad and believe they can do anything. Those gamers I rather not take a liking towards. I love the idea of fellowship between the VR but what about if it glitches out  I suppose these are just Oculus Rifts and most likely they wouldn’t affect you right? Well think about it, to make a screen activate when it comes to VR you need power and electronics. Needless to say if a glitch occurred which I hope not and isn’t safe proof, our brains could be dominated by the hemorrhages we’d be receiving from a computer meltdown.

But that isn’t the case every time, Oculus Rift definitely is stepping up the game with these new ideas but also many other companies including Sony, and while I write about the errors or future problems that can occur, there are still so many wonders and amazing things that Virtual Reality can lead to, which is one of the reasons I will jump into the action and take any injury to share my information with those who want it.

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Last modified: September 29, 2015