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What’s in your PC? PCs and New Specs

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I’m starting an abundant list of new topics to talk about as we speak and for today, I want to work on 1 of them. Today’s topic as you’ve pretty much guessed and if not please remain seated for the rest of your time trying to figure that out, now! Pretty it’s a what’s inside kind of thing and I hope this brings a lot of talk into our small, but fairly growing community. I like building and upgrading my PCs, but I’ve come to notice that you’re usually in dire need to upgrade to a better gpu because the games, that are being made these days are affected by slowdown if you don’t have at least a mid-range to high-range system.Today’s topic is going to bring a little bit of the upgrades passion with that anger that your PC maybe not be up to date with the rest, and I can feel your pain as I too am one of those people who are usually hellbent on trying to upgrade my PC I get close to my budget doing it, but hey at least you can read my PC specs and tell yours in the comments below, so here is as follows:


i7-4790k Devil’s Canyon Quad Core 4.0

Asus Sabertooth Z97 Mark 1 w/ USB 3.1

16gb Memory dual channel

1TB Hard drive (for backup)

500gb SSD (for startup)

EVGA GeForce GTX 980


Anyways, these are the upgrades I have been able to save up for and upgrade, Some might be better than mine and others may not be, it’s all about community guys all about that love ♥ catch the love with this here heart of my PC and geektastic self and enjoy the rest of what our blog, because it’s about US! has to offer. So like I said above leave your comments below.

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Last modified: October 6, 2015