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Xbox One; Releasing an awesome what?! Fallout?!

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About this Bundle!

In the most latest news of holiday bundles being released I’ve come to find out extremely last minute that Microsoft has decided to release a… Duh duh duhhhhhh(Zelda reference again) Fallout 4 bundle! Not only the idea of Fallout 4 is awesome, but the Xbox One is coming packed with some heat, I’m talking storage of heaven over here. It’s coming packed with a 1TB(Terabyte) hard drive, for those of you who are still in the rocky mountains, in a cave somewhere, 1TB is equal to 1000 GB(Gigabytes). It’s also being priced for $399, what a destroyer against the PS4 I personally think, I’m not bias so you guys know that I only state the truth. For those of you wanting to pre-order this bundle you can go to your local GameStop which I really don’t prefer, I’ll leave that once again to another article I write here, because of course I’m the only person writing here, or Bestbuy and Amazon. The best thing to do personally is go before these units start selling out, because I’ve had experience in the past where these situations occurred almost always.

Here are some benefits you can expect to see when buying an Xbox One, just in case you think it isn’t worth it, I like to write about all consoles and why they are worth the purchase so here are some of the facts I have, no not Ginto facts, but you will get that at the end of the article.  Alright so here are the facts:

  • Exclusive games towards the Xbox One only
  • Play new generation games on it 
  • Large Hard drive is great for downloading mass amount of games 
  • Cheaper than PS4 in some cases comparing the Hard Drive and Fallout Bundle
  • Xbox Live service is very secure, haven’t had problems with it. 
  • Very vivid and talkative community; I say vivid because these kids can cuss and imagine worse
  • Great controller for big hands and medium sized hands(Hands can count don’t judge)

I think for now that’s all I have, thanks for reading

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Last modified: October 3, 2015