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20% Off at GameStop for Preordering Gears of War 4

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Aye! So let’s actually give you some good news from a company that has had many, many mixed reviews in the past and still does to this day. Games to is offering up 20% off of any new game with the preorder of Gears of War 4, (Note: you do have to purchase the game to get the discount). Although what they state is vague in comparison it’s like saying do you want me to preorder and buy it? Do I need to pay the full price on preorder to confirm the discount or am I gonna have to wait because there are a lot of good games I’m trying to play and I don’t have time to be waiting for the next Gears game to release.

Exclusive Availability to Pro Members
Within gamestops website, it states that this is an exclusive offer directly pointed to Pro Members, that’s the silver card GameStop gives you when you pay $15/year for their plan. I have to say that GameStop is really good with the pro card you get 20% off any used game, a 12 month subscription to GameInformer and a few more benefits.

If if you like the Gears of wars series and you like discounts, you should definitely preorder your copy at GameStop and earn a nice percentage off your next purchase.

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Last modified: September 24, 2016