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Anime: Drifters is a much needed Samurai series

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An Awesome Show For you to Enjoy

Hi all, I’ve been extremely overwhelmed with all that has been going on around me lately, from the awesome new games releasing, to the new shows coming out. It’s too good of a year right now and I’m just playing catch up. Samurai have been a long time generation of fearless Japanese warriors, who’s 武士道(way of the warrior), actions, beliefs and lineage; led them to become the greatest fighters the world has ever known, and with that being said historians and people are absolutely in love with Japan’s rich history of fighting bravely and earning a legendary status in the many wars and battle fought. So watching them is much more epic than reading about them, because you can see the realism of every battle aside from the anime who’s Agro-speed of lightning isn’t as realistic, but it’s still so badass and awesome. From awesome Samurai anime such as Sengoku Basara, Samurai Warriors, Samurai Champloo, Afro Samurai, Samurai Jack, 7 Samurai and etc. Comes this super fucking awesome successor of great anime “Drifters”and we’ll talk a bit about that now and why you should be on the hype train of love for action anime.


Drifters manga

About Drifters

Drifters is anew anime that features legendary samurai heroes of real life and puts them in an alternate universe where while on the brink of death are sent through a parallel universe to fend for themselves by a mysterious man in a white room, that has a desk in the center of it, yeah we get that it’s confusing, but once the plot irons out it’ll be much more understandable. With that being said the anime features clans like the Li clan who is most famous for wearing a complete and brilliant red color on all of its troops letting people know of their lineage and where they repping in the crew, and also features the great Oda Nobunaga who has been transported with the main character Shimazu Toyohisa in the parallel universe but before that Toyohisa; who was in a fight with the li clan and was gravely Injured after wounding the lord Li Naomusa. After doing so, he retreats to find himself in the weird fucking twilight zone where he is sent to and discovers Nobu chilling there and of course the man Nasu no Yoichi. I won’t ruin the rest for you so please check it out at CrunchyRoll you can have this free gift code pass (CD54VQPXBAK) for a free 48 day trial.

Drifters is a samurai series where Alternative Universes do exist in old history.



Personally I love the living shit out of a good Samurai Series as you can tell, actually Samurai in general; I love the idealism and the bravery, with much grace and skill they created in combat, if I continue I’ll probably bore the living shit out of you guys and gals, so for now I’ll say I love those awesome samurai. We at ComedyNGaming enjoyed Drifters as its an action packed, entertaining anime and even has some comedy believe it or not, they make a good job at relieving you and take a breather after everything that’s going on because the show can be all over the place In a good sense or else I wouldn’t want to classify it as good at all.

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Last modified: October 18, 2016