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Anime: Why “Orenji” Makes Me Want To Cryenji (ORANGE)

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Enjoyed the little wordplay and see what I did there excuse for an opening header? Good, they’ll be plenty of that on this site from now on. For those of you just tuning in, we’ll give you a short description of what Orenji is about and then we’ll continue on from there got it? Good.

About Orenji

Orange is just a happy site..

About Orenji or “Orange”.

Orange is not the new black alright don’t get it messed up, this is an Anime about a group of friends whose futures’ split in different paths from events that occurred in their youth years in the past, because of this they end up losing their close bonds in turn for the events that had happened back then, the group reunites once again in the future only to discuss what has separated them so far apart, and learn about what exactly brought about a separation between them.

I’m going to spoil this shit a very small bit, but it’s all in the first episode so don’t worry anyway cue the warning!

The events that led to their split was a friend named: Kakeru Naruse, passing who unexpectedly killed himself, the main character Naho Takamiya finds a strange letter in her desk that restates the future events in order to prevent her friend from killing himself again.

Spoiler Ends here.
Orange Anime

Just a group of friends.

Our Thoughts.

Effectively Orange caught me deep in the feels because I honestly wasn’t expecting a feel venture to tell about, Orange is a lovely touching story that really spreads the meaning of true friendship, loyalty, and life. It provides all of the things we hope not to experience including death, passing, loneliness and to have no meaning in life. I personally felt that although it was a short 13 episodes, each impacted you on a deeper note that enabled you to think about what your current life is like. Another thing that really took me by the heart and ripped it away, was how this group of friends found a better in themselves and sacrificed so much to keep everyone living a healthy, peaceful life. With stunning visuals and a uniquely different story that encapsulates you and forces you to binge what it 10 times over, this anime will be a nice addition to your collection, it’s a slice of life that’ll spike your emotions and make you want to keep a box of tissues on the side just in case. CNG highly recommend this anime because we’re weak in the knees and can’t bear to stand it anymore.

View it here: CRUNCHYROLL

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Last modified: October 21, 2016