Australia stops production of PS3

Australia is stopping production of PS3s

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Though it is unfortunate, the Australia branch of Sony has decided to halt production of the PS3, even though the PS4 was only just released 2 years ago, an insane idea as many people feel the PS4 is not up to date with backwards compatibility and back catalog. I personally am a fan of the PS3 for it’s mass amounts of games and companies still producing on the system, as there is so many users still using the system. I’m started to feel the sensation < < down right uppercut in my cheeks from the amount of butt hurt going on here. I’m going to demonstrate ways Sony can fix the situation of fans dissolving the corpses of Sony Execs with bile acid. So without further a-do some things the Hyperions(Giant people; not in dictionary) have to say:

  • Sony needs to upload all of their classic library; This includes PS1, PS2, PS3 I want this library digital, even though I’m a physical kind of guy.
  • Rewards program for previous users to entice a switch, I guess playstation plus would count, but they stopped production of PS3 consoles so gamers alike will have to make the switch to PS4
  • Allow users to upgrade from their old PS3s depending on the model, they can be qualified for $50, $100, $200 upgrade to keep the user base more happy.

I’m not really fantastic with writing things up, but hey at least I tried, these are some of the things that I thought would really help the PS4 sell and entice many other users to want to upgrade, since they are unable to purchase a PS3 and their only option to Sony gaming is the PS4. Anyways I want some commentors on this site so leave a comment and tell me what you think. I understand the wordpress comment system is terrible, so I’ll try to upgrade that to a shiny new comment system and a few other upgrades to the site.

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Last modified: October 4, 2015