It’s Diablo’s Birthday and You’re All Invited

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It’s been 20 years since Diablo’s original release in 1997, to celebrate Blizzard has decided to throw a big birthday bash for the little runt. Every Blizzard game has been updated to include homages to the Diablo franchise that will remain up through January. You can find the biggest of these homages in Diablo 3.

Players will now be able to traverse The Darkening of Tristam dungeon, which attempts to recreate Diablo 1 levels using Diablo 3’s engine. You’ll be able to fight classic bosses such as The Butcher and Diablo himself. The dungeon also places Diablo 3 under a filter to make it feel closer to its predecessor. Diablo 3’s sound effects, graphics, UI, and movement pad have all been beautifully altered by this. Blizzard recommends you to play the dungeon with a fresh character for the best experience.

Blizzard’s other tributes to the original Diablo aren’t nearly as extensive, but nevertheless, I’ve listed them below.

World Of Warcraft

Remember how there’s definitely no Cow Level in Diablo? Well, now there’s definitely one in World of Warcraft. You can access the elusive area by killing an event only Treasure Golbin who opens a portal to this new land of bipedal cows. Goblins can be found in the Broken Isles landscape, in Legion dungeons, and the Dalaran Sewers. Completion of the level rewards special items like the Twelve-String Guitar and the Livestock Lochaber Axe.


Log on Overwatch to obtain exclusive sprays of Diablo 3’s playable characters and a Player Icon of the Dark Lord himself!

Heroes of the Storm

Play a brand new Brawl to win a Diablo-themed Portrait


Dual against the Dark Wanderer to win an exclusive Diablo themed card back. If you can unlock all of his secrets, you’re in store for a face off with the Cow King.

Starcraft II

Log on for a neat little portrait of a Lord of Terror Worker.

The Event will be up through the entirety of January. Diablo’s anniversary dungeon will return every January from this point on. Blizzard says there will be a pre-cursor event lasting from January 1-3 for following years.

Last modified: January 17, 2017