Fire Emblem Heroes Continues to Celebrate Sibling Bonds With New Characters

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Continuing to fulfill promises of new content, Fire Emblem Heroes has unveiled a new focus group of six heroes called Sibling Bonds!. There’s Eldigan the mounted sword wielder and his sister, staff wielder Lachesis from Genealogy of the Holy War, blue thunder tome mages Olwen and Reinhardt, archer Klein, and Empress Sanaki, a red fire tome sorceress from Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn.

The new additions to the cast range from the previously playable to the obscure and supporting.

It’s worth mentioning that Klein’s sister, Clarine, was already included in the game, and that Sanaki’s sibling is a secret revelation and huge spoiler within the games she appears in.

Accompanying these new characters are a series of quests and missions designed to bequeath orbs and other goodies to win and upgrade them.

I was lucky enough to score Queen Sanaki on my first roll. Voiced to sassy perfection by Erin Fitzgerald, she is both an offensive nuke and a good support unit.  Her legendary tome, Cymbeline does an extraordinary amount of damage and strengthens all allies adjacent to its wielder after a successful attack.

Sibling Bonds is a sign that Nintendo is excited to keep things fresh for mobile game, and a sign that Fire Emblem is excited to continue its strange obsession with all things familial. The promotion runs until March 14th!

Last modified: March 3, 2017