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Fire Emblem Heroes Gives Players Hope in the Form of Feathers

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One of the most common complaints lodged after the launch of Fire Emblem Heroes has received a swift if a little temporary response from the its creators.

Hero Feathers, one of many special currencies within the mobile game, are a rare and valuable treasure that allow one to raise the star level and consequentially both the rarity and power level of a character unit using the “Unlocking Potential”. The cost of raising a hero from three to four stars is about 2,000 feathers, but to elevate a hero to a coveted five stars, one needs an INSANE 20,000 feathers!

Even more irritating was the glaring lack of availability for feathers within the game. Players can gift feathers to one another once a day, but only in the single digits. Feathers could also be won in the game’s arena mode, but they were limited to less than 2,000 that would only be dealt out after a two week period. While characters can also be exchanged for more feathers, keep in mind that your beautiful, magical five-star characters are only worth 1,000 feathers–a most unfair and bizarre exchange rate.

As part of a Twitter campaign, Nintendo generously offered every player in the game 10,000 feathers in return for 10,000 retweets over the course of a day. Evidently, players needed their fix badly as the desired amount was met in just a few hours!

Also included in the latest game update are special arena quests that dole out additional prizes of 1,000 feathers at a time! And players won’t have to worry about only getting three shots at the arena every day because there both free and winnable dueling crests have been added as well.

Now, players can expect to take a couple weeks to boost a character to its highest level instead of several months. Let’s hope Nintendo starts being even more generous in updates to come.

They say a feather in your cap is a symbol of a person’s success….Just keep in kind, that idiom originated from the cultural appropriation of indigenous Americans.



Last modified: February 12, 2017