Fire Emblem Heroes Tips the Scales with Female Robin Grand Battle

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Fire Emblem Heroes is releasing a familiar face in the form of Female Robin. A Twitter announcement from Fire Emblem Heroes teased the upcoming character debut today with a suspiciously twin-ponytailed silhouette. The new character release is scheduled for February 23rd, 2 AM EST.


One of the player character avatars from Fire Emblem Awakening, Female Robin was curiously omitted from FEH’s initial hero focuses unlike her male counterpart. She made a brief antagonistic appearance in story mode’s Chapter 4, but there was previously no method to obtain her for your team. However, it now appears that she will continue wreaking havoc as an opponent in a limited time Grand Battle that must be challenged before she can be recruited.

In contrast to Male Robin, who is a blue, thunder tome user, Female Robin will be a green wind tome user, though her special skills and weapons have yet to be identified at the time of writing. Blue Robin has a unique weapon that boosts damage against colorless bow, shuriken, and staff users as well as passive skills that boost his ally’s defense stats. Perhaps Female Robin will also carry these attributes, though it is also likely that she will come with some unique weapons and tricks of her own.

If the previous Narcian Grand Battle is any indication, both the difficulty and complexity of the map will be nothing short of intense, requiring both a powerful army and the strategic skill of a master tactician.

Female Robin will join victorious players as a three-star hero who can be upgraded in rank with rare hero feathers. Voice actress Lauren Landa reprises her role as Female Robin, continuing the work she did for Super Smash Bros 4.

Last modified: February 22, 2017