Fire Emblem Heroes Unleashes Ursula Grand Battle

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Fire Emblem Heroes unveiled its biggest challenge yet today with a new Grand Hero Battle featuring the character Ursula. A popular supporting villainess from Fire Emblem: The Blazing Sword, Ursala is a cold-hearted yet fanatical member of the Black Fang Assassin’s Guild who thoroughly enjoys eliminating her targets and flattering her superiors.

Riding on horseback and wielding the Blarwolf tome, Ursula enjoys high movement speed and the power to do extra blue magical damage against fellow cavalry riders. Her skills include Death Blow which increases her attack when she initiates an attack and Growing Thunder which does area of effect damage to a wide range of enemies.

Previous Grand Hero Battles were only available in Normal and Hard difficulties, but Ursula is the first challenge to come with a Lunatic-level fight as well. Her map is by far the most challenging level released so far, and it is filled with two infantry unit-slaying ninja, an axe knight that can warp to his teammates aid, and a sword wielding cavalier.

Beyond bragging rights, the reward for clearing the map on the hardest setting is a powerful 4-star Ursula unit of your own. Misty Lee voices her, and she sounds more sultry, seductive, and psychopathic than I had have imagined!

If you’re having trouble, the game is also offering a special hero focus called Battling Ursula, but with only three days to pick up these heroes and best this battle, you might not have enough time to train Nino, Felicia, Setsuna, or Effie in time to Level 40 and win in time!


Last modified: March 11, 2017