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Furi A Raging Review

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So if you haven’t heard Sony has decided to include the game Furi as one the Playstation Plus free games of the month, not only that but the game releases today and ComedyNGaming went ahead as to try it out, let’s talk about our personal opinions and what you will be expecting when you play this game.

Immediately starting this game up, you find your character trapped on a chair locked pretty tight, you meet the jailer who tells you of a continual inception like dream where you are going to be constantly locked up in and there’s practically nothing you can do to stop it, until a strange character that happens to look a lot like Ravio from A Link Between Worlds appears and frees you from your eminent doom, anyways you get out and go  ahead to fight the a-hole jailer who’s probably kept you locked up for millennia. You’re immediately placed within a boss battle against the jailer, with simple given instructions and just the hypothetical idea “go for it”, let me tell you now that this game is f***ing hell, it’s fantastically fun, but so rage inducing that you feel like you’re going to pop a blood vessel, like the controls are easy, but significantly the characters become more tedious and pests to deal with, so far I’ve throw down my controller more times than you can count because this crazy speed rat kept kicking my ass like there was no tomorrow, either I have discombobulated fingers or I play video games feet first because they were not letting me have the victory I wanted. I’m coming back, don’t cha’ worry.

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Gameplay: Jumping into the game

As mentioned above you fight the “almighty” jailer, what I really enjoy about this game that separates it from some indie games is that it jumps you right to the action while it gives you a back story as it’s happening, as you reach several peak stages within your battle you’ll find out more bits of information as you continue the fight and progress, the characters mention things like your passed and what you’re “supposed to do” and what happened to the character and why you’re trying to get the hell out and dodge (Literally), the gameplay isn’t that unusual if you played the Devil May Cry series or any beat em’ up for that matter you’ll easy catch on to the gameplay mechanics, with that being said let’s talk about these simple controls and see how you can bear with them so let’s go. Square button holds your slash attack, and holding it down charges that attack, shoot your gun using the right stick and charge, aim it using R2, which is my method to the madness because if somebody is acting up they will get shot up most def’, also because getting close means pressing a series of random ass buttons to try to hit your opponent and bring his health down, X is to dash and charging it makes your character dash further. As simple as these mechanics are the game manages to make these enemies relentless even on normal difficulty, enemies or rather bosses I should say, use an array of tricks that force you to use not one but all of the actions above to be able to even come close to the 4 faced behemoth known as the Jailer as pictured below:

Furi Face off with Jailer

(Source: furithegame.com)

Progression: Moving on and viewing a world that’s pretty, but too little.

As you play through the game you’ll find out a lot more about your character and the game itself, you can clearly see the beautiful visuals in a somewhat cel shaded art style, which has a lot to show for  when it comes to looking pretty and killer all in the same time,  although we did enjoy it very much, we found the contrast to kind of blur our vision as we played and I know for myself that, I don’t want to be frying my eyes inwards because of a game, luckily enough you’ll adjust, what I have to say that I dislike is that there isn’t much venturing around the world, you’re kind of stuck on a single path where you engage no enemies except for the bosses. Which I can be fine with since the battles are fun,  but if you’re going to pay $19.99 it better have at least something a little extra, but that’s just my two cents( is it sense or cents? Screw it I don’t care).  C’mon I wanted to at least see some kind of finesse such as adding minions to the mix where they can be fought, kicked in the nuts and you can ponder off to the next boss, but it seems here it’s quite not like I imagined, for the most part the game was actually really fun and if I had to say I’m probably high on the meter for ‘Punching a game in the face’ when it comes to this one, if you want to put your hands on something it’ll be the PS4 controller trying to murder the bosses in this game. One thing I want to point out that I rather dislike is the battles in the beginning are a tad too repetitive and disengage me from wanting to play a little longer, but if you get past that then you should be able to enjoy it further , and as well as the game being too difficult to press all the commands you need to get yourself into the enemies range and defeat them, this is especially crucial when you have to press O to Parry attacks even though you just pressed R2 to aim shoot and Square to slash them in a good way you’ll get arthritis or carpel tunnel later in life cause sure enough you’re training your fingers to break.

Breaking off this wonderland: With

I rather enjoy how fast paced the action is overall and I personally think that this is a really good game to try out, being an indie title and all it’s extremely interesting and being able to hear the languages translated to Japanese which I love is a confidence booster, While gameplay might kick you off into a fight it tells you a tale that is beyond your knowledge and basically you have to figure it out to find out what’s actually going on, if you’re really interested in shoot em up/ beat em up games you’ll really love this Action Adventure title because it’s an entertaining one, my rating will be listed below this.

CNG Ranks this game a 7.5 out of 10.

This has been a ComedyNGaming Exclusive Review and stay tuned for more as we keep you updated on your daily gaming news while still managing to look pretty f***ing slick.

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Last modified: November 3, 2016