Future Trunks returning to Dragon Ball?!

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Hey guys! it’s GODmadethunder here with some juicy anime news.

Anyone who’s into anime has most likely watched Dragon Ball Z, and even if it ain’t your thing you’ve probably at least heard of it. The Dragon Ball series has a worldwide following and millions of fans, including myself. 18 years after the show ended, they decided to continue the story with a new series called Dragon Ball Super. Fans around the world rejoiced together when hearing the news of Dragon Ball making a comeback. Once again we would be able to see Goku and the Z fighters kick ass. However the series has not resonated with the core fans as they had hoped. The seriousness and intensity of Z just isn’t there in Super, not to mention the animation is just atrocious at times. Add in the fact that main characters such as Gohan have been severely weakened, and you have a big portion of your audience disappointed.

However, that disappointment is turning into excitement for most as the show announced the return of Future Trunks via Twitter.


The new design of Future Trunks

DID I READ THAT RIGHT?!?! That was the first thought in my mind when I translated the Japanese tweet. So far all the Super episodes have been filler in my opinion, canon filler, but nonetheless still filler. There hasn’t been a new threat to the Z fighters.

Maybe next time this will be a real fight

Maybe next time this will be a real fight

My thoughts

I think the return of Future Trunks will completely change the whole landscape of Dragon Ball Super. He’s either returning to warn about a new threat like before or he needs help with something in the future. Regardless, the fans are going to be ecstatic see such a beloved character back in action. It’ll be very interesting to see how he reacts to super saiyan blue and to seeing himself as a kid. I just really hope that they really go somewhere with this new story arc. So far the show has just been running in circles and the fans have had enough. Taking a character like Gohan and turning him into a weakling is just unacceptable. I think there is a possibility that Trunk’s return will set the stage for Gohan to shine again, just as he did when Trunks first appeared. There’s also talks about this new villain “Black Goku”. I’m assuming this is some evil form of Goku that has been resurrected in the future timeline, or it could be something completely different. Only time will tell…

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Last modified: June 2, 2016