Gravity Rush 2’s Raven DLC Is Set To Release Next Month

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Sony first revealed the Raven focused, Gravity Rush 2 DLC back at PSX in December with a broad release window of March 2017. That window has now been narrowed down to the simple date of March 21st, 2017. The DLC titled, Another Story The Ark of Time – Raven’s Choice will be free to all players upon release, as compensation for Gravity Rush 2’s multiple delays. Raven’s Choice takes place immediately after the events of Gravity Rush 1. It was originally intended to be a part of Gravity Rush 2 but was scrapped to avoid alienating players who missed Kat’s first outing.

In Raven’s Choice, the eponymous character, Raven will meet two new mysterious figures who have arrived in Hekseville: Lumino the Guardian of Light, and Tenebria, Guardian of Darkness. Both characters received their designs from Japanese artist, Tatsuya Yoshikawa.


Tenebria the Guardian of Darkness

Lumino the Guardian of Light


If new story content isn’t quite your cup of tea, there are some other additions on the way as well. Raven’s Choice will increase the max level for the Delvool Trench Mine from 30 to 50, adding new challenges to complete. There’s also a future costume DLC planned for Kat to don a 2B outfit, reminiscent of NieR: Automata’s protagonist.

You can pick up Gravity Rush 2 right now on Playstation 4.

Last modified: February 24, 2017