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Dear readers of ComedyNGaming, first of all I would like to thank whoever is behind the phone/laptop/tablet screen for clicking on my very first article EVER!!

Allow me to introduce myself, my name is GODmadethunder (G to the OD). I’ve been brought on to bring you the latest in…well….comedy and gaming! (Alarmingly self explanatory isn’t it?) Well no, not exactly, because this is the Internet and there’s way more shit to talk about such as anime, film, TV shows, politics, (FEEL THE BERN *fire emoji*) basically just anything nerdy.

I was born and raised in NYC and I am an aspiring filmmaker, and that’s basically all you’ll ever know about me personally lmao.

Expect me to be very active on this site as I’ll be ushering in a new era of Way Back Wednesdays, which is basically just me in my undies reviewing and revisiting retro gems, y’know nothin too special *wink emoji*.

Well it feels like I’ve been typing forever so let me end this how HBO ended The Sopra–.

Last modified: April 26, 2016