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iSkn is a revoultionary way to draw on paper digitally

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the title might sound confusing so let’s explain, have you ever had trouble with drawing on a digital product and just couldn’t get those shades that you were getting when you drew with a pencil? Well iSkn answers that painstakingly tedious digital for real paper and an iPad or device of your choice. How it works is basically a slate system with several pressure points to detect the adjustment of the pencil as well as a digitizing ring on the pencil to help the precision of what you’re drawing, whatever you see and draw on that real piece of paper over the slate system, will simultaneously appear on your device of choice. If you want to check out this awesome new gadget that’s soon to be in your hands once you catch your eye on it you fellow art enthusiasts I’m going to post that s*** down below!

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Using the paper you want, the pen/pencil you love

What I love most about this new and really really freaking cool product is that it has the ability to use whatever pencil you wish and not some weird nib that you have to glide across the screen to draw with a second delay, let’s talk about the ring and what’s it’s purpose for the slate, the ring is magnetic and as the sensors detect and locate where the ring is, you’ll automatically be able to see what you’re creating on the piece of paper, not only do you have this artistic experience, but your also able to edit and change the variety of colors so that you’re not just drawing in black or gray graphite color, so the colors are limitless and the creativity is expansive, another awesome thing is that you can create animations as you are drawing sort of like a time-lapse to see the awesome progress you’ve made from your design. Talking about the Slate design it has exactly 32 sensors in which I mentioned above can track and sense the movement of the ring that you hook up to your pencil or any other favorite writing utensil.
Pen Magnetic ring


The slate design as mentioned above is below and you can check out just a sample of how awesome this new piece of technology can be
Slate Design


Where to buy?

If you’re already pumped up and excited as shit by now it’s probably best to go ahead and check this product out and purchase it right? Great so we’ll make this extremely easy for you because just like us you must be extremely lazy (no offense) so we’ll put the link to the shopping section. We personally don’t have anything to disagree as it’s relatively cheaper than other products out there in the market, we will probably update this post to further comment on this piece of technology, but at the moment what you see is literally what you get, oh what the hell I guess I’ll continue to talk about it, sorry guys so let’s add an extra piece of information before we lovely depart and send you off with your freedom.


Using the slate is cool and all but if you actually want your photo to go through you’re actually going to have to have iSKNs Imagink to go with it, this is basically just going to be another piece of software like photoshop, alternatively you can use photoshop also, but this software is more or less dedicated to the slate and will ensure you’re getting all your features, for your purchase so be sure to check it out, and use it, I feel like I’m free promoting  these businesses, but the truth is they deserve it! I mean you can’t just look at something you love the idea about and not support it, so good on me Ginto I’m proud of you 😉

Really buy it here:

Okay okay I got it you just want the shop link so here you go:

Currently they are offering a special promotion which will grant you 1 pack of two pens offered with the slate so you can stay classy and also they are ordering Free Shipping with the code: FREESHIPPING figures right? Anyways go check them out and support these kickstarters.

I’ve been Ginto and I’m Oouuut!


Last modified: June 13, 2016