Japan celebrates the Olympics in 2020 with Mario (Video)

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The what

Oh hell yeah that’s right not only are we getting the Olympics in Japan in the year 2020, but Tokyo decided to jump in with their friends at Nintendo to bring you an awesome little ‘trailer’ we can of course see Mario holding what seems to be the rising sun that represents Japan’s, flag of the rising sun and are we really happy with this connection betweenJapan Flag the two not only does this mean that the world has established Nintendo as a World Class Worldwide company, but this has brought the nostalgia to the world as well, with allowing the people of the world understand that the next Olympics will be a very enthusiastic sight to see and this will be a large expression of culture for many countries, just don’t taint the country! With this very exciting moment, we believe this was Nintendo’s Intelligent marketing strategy for their new console, Nintendos NX system and it’s almost too unreal that they were able to make this work, politics aside since Japan’s very disliked President is disrupting much of Japan’s Natural qualities this was a very entertaining and pleasurable experience for everyone in the stadium at RIO 2016

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Last modified: August 22, 2016