Minecraft Gets Discovery update 1.1 for Pocket Edition and Windows 10

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Mojang posted a new article today on their blog, making an announcement of a new update to Minecraft’s pocket and windows 10 editions. Titled Discovery, it will have the label 1.1.

The update will include things like trading for maps with cartographers, new dungeons like forest mansions and enchantments that help you get across ravines and such as the blog suggests, there is a lot going on in the update. With the inclusion of not just adventurous items, the team has also mentioned for add-ons like smelting ingots, using concrete and even dye beds.

For Android users, however, will have to wait as the team at Mojang have planned for a beta release of the update to be playable, but not contain many of the key features that have been noted in the 1.1 update. If you were anticipating this release you’ll have to wait much longer, set for release in the near-future the beta will be the first stepping stone into finalizing the update for Android users.

Mojang states that they’ll have more information to be revealed in the coming weeks about update 1.1. So stay tuned on ComedyNGaming for more information.

Last modified: March 30, 2017