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We watched Naruto since the start of its series back in 2004, needless to say that it’s been quite along time since then, and now coming back in 2016 the series is coming to its end in a positive way that will effect the fans possibly in the future, we’ll dive into that later as we summarize the series below:

Summarizing Naruto

It’s without question that popular series come from thought and very well drafted detail into the story, but what sometimes doesn’t get proofed to that statement are series that involve samurai or Ninja, while people love to hop onto a new old Japan series there’s always the question about execution. With many series they often leave many holes it their stories, therefore if they don’t continue onto a new series they can be cut off suddenly with an abrupt cliffhanger Ex. Legend of the Legendary Heroes. Naruto changes that, providing its own fictional story about warring Ninja Clans who’s objectives are to increase alliances between their sister states and avoid an all out war between them. Though when a new enemy marvels into town they are forced to fight between themselves until reaching further agreements, Naruto the main character of this story is a Jinchuriki which means that he possess one of the tailed beasts that are said to be the reasons the states were driven into war, Naruto is a young man who seeks to be the leader of the Hidden Leaf village and the only way for him to do such a thing is to be stronger through various missions and fights he becomes encountered with.

If you would like to see the series you can visit or Netflix or even Hulu as they have some parts of the series available.

Our Review

We personally thought long and hard about this review, it didn’t come without question that we were reviewing a very popular series between the norm anime watchers and Anime watchers in general, so we’ve listed a few of our focus points that helped us come to a conclusion for which rating we should rate this series and our exact reasons why. Here we go

Naruto is well-beloved by many, and many more for reasons that can be sometimes obvious, to us at CNG we loved the idea behind a Ninja world that was hidden fro the rest of the world and only warred between themselves, having powers almost impossible to imagine, but that’s not just what drove us to be entertained and pleased with the overall series, for starters we thought about the replay value of Naruto, if you could begin from the very first Naruto series until the ending of Shippudden the total would be 600 Episodes, something not many people can do unless they were really happy with the results of it, we gave Naruto a 4.2 out of 5 because we felt that while we were able to come back to the series a second time, we just couldn’t bare too much with the episodes they felt somewhat overwhelming as we tried to watch other series on the side, what really effectively drove this series to a 4.2 in terms of replayability was that there were so many fillers between the series that it stood out and made us want to skip the episodes until we hit the sweet spot where the series began to progress further into the story. In terms of the story we gave it a 4.2 although I feel the story was at least a 4.5, we came to this conclusion with 3 key points which we’re following: Did the Story make sense? Was it unique? How did it play out? We believed the story made sense where it wanted to make sense, but there were sometimes where we felt that the excessive fillers provided us with much less to understand and no filling, they were often informative and additionally allowed us to get to know our characters better, but they were obvious to us that they were just dragging the story along in order to come up with an addition to how they wanted to move the series further. The story we gave a high rating because it was more than unique and it is the first of its kind to us, with Ninjas and Samurai adding a twist of having inhumane powers and each was unique to its own users was a great addition that put this rating up higher on our scorecards. With the last statement we believe that when the series did make sense and the story continued forward we loved the way it turned out and how some our. It’s beloved characters had an extension to their stories including Naruto and Hinata; Sasuke and Sakura.


We were very generous with the visuals rating giving it a 5, we felt that visuals applied to the story and how they were conveyed when various sequences occurred were what made them unique and aesthetically pleasing, when it comes to Naruto its own visual representation is unique from the artsy chibi animations to, movie like scenarios where the characters are rendered in 3D and action scenes that are more destructive than White Castle burgers, we felt the visuals looked great and dare we say flawless, we won’t say that this series is the most beautiful series we’ve watched in terms of visuals, we can say that for itself and the type of genre it fits into, a 5 would have been the best option.

Expectation Satisfaction

We decided on this being the entry factor for what rating we wanted to give the series because we wanted to give our credits to the author and his connection to the fans, we gave this area of critique a 4.4 we felt that the overall satisfaction with the series was high as the author provided methods in which fans were able to get interactive and show their love and support for the series, a large example of this was the moment Hinata was hurt by Pain, fans united together being well aware of a life or death decision between a character and showed their power to keep them alive. We absolutely loved to hear about this and so we decided to rank the authors expectations for the series to be high , we did find that in true moments some scenes and episodes were not up to the premium feel resonated with us with the series from before, such as some of the major expectations we had, were to see a little bit of dialogue for more comedy in the characters, because we are CNG and we loved the Comedy that was in the Naruto series from before.


we wrote off execution as a 4.6 rating, because we felt that the story, visuals, animations, representations, replayability and expectations were very well performed and even more so that they brought the fans closer together whether it was through debates, arguments or heated discussions, everyone had a grasp for a series they were truly inspired by, Ex. People running just like the Hidden Ninjas with their hands backwards, even dressing up in cosplay as their favorites from the series and many more. We really believe that Naruto redefined the idea of what a good action, old Japan series should truly be about if it is going to be fictional of course.

So CNG I hope I didn’t bore you to death, but this was pretty rushed and long I hope you enjoyed and we’ve added some user rating abilities in case you wanted to rate the series yourselves, we love your opinions guys and gals so please enjoy some more of our content.

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Overall Naruto as a whole has paved way for many Ninja Series to come, with its great story and even greater characters we can look to hope that we’ll see an extension of the series we’ve grown on during our adulthood, with the Authors expectations of the series being fulfilled Naruto Shippudden and its predecessor are pushing more units to fans everyday as the series come to a conclusion.

Last modified: November 26, 2016