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News Round-Up for the Week of 5/13-5/19

All the most important video game news and rumors you missed during your 9-5! My name’s Zachery Wright and I am here to save you a week’s worth of browsing. So, buckle up for ComedyNGaming’s weekly roundup of the news you need in your life.


Injustice 2 releases to acclaim and good sales

Surprising absolutely no one in the process, NetherRealm has released the next iteration in their fighting formula for the PS4 and Xbox One. With lauded animation and fighting action, Injustice 2 follows an all-star and not-so-all-star cast of DC comic characters through countless brawl fests. Released on Tuesday, May 16, Injustice 2‘s sales are yet to release.


Destiny 2 gets first gameplay trailer, other details

Bungie and Activision released details and gameplay for their upcoming big-budget release. Showing the attack on the Tower,the trailer sets up Destiny 2 to fix a lot of the narrative-game play disconnect from the original. Multiplayer was also highlighted, with all game modes being reduced to 4-vs-4 for the sequel. With E3 just around the corner, we are bound to hear a lot more soon.


Nintendo is supposedly working on both Zelda and Pokemon apps

With an Animal Crossing app on the way, Nintendo is rumored to have both Zelda and Pokemon Trading Card Game applications for Android and iPhone. This is hot off the success of their first endeavors, Pokemon GO, Mario Run, Miitomo and Fire Emblem Heroes. All of this info is according to The Wall Street Journal, which is a credible source. According to their two anonymous inside sources, Pokemon will be similar to other card trading apps such as the Magic The Gathering and Star Wars apps. Zelda, however, doesn’t have any details. I would love to see a traditional 2D Zelda on my phone, complete with terrible Android controls…on second thought, I’ll just play Breath of the Wild on my Switch.


Controversial Minecraft mechanic patched out

Beyond any expectations, somehow that headline exists. It is a primary mechanic in the popular block arranger Minecraft to coax parrots to befriend and mate using chocolate chip cookies. Enough people believe the influence of Minecraft on children will cause them to feed parrots cookies, killing the parrot in the process, that Microsoft is removing the mechanic from the game. Think of the parrots people!


No parrots were harmed in the playing of this video game.


Ubisoft announces new Assassin’s Creed, Far Cry and The Crew

Confirming what we already suspected, Ubisoft has a new Assassins Creed in development. Ubisoft paired this announcement with an announcement for Far Cry 5 and a sequel to the mediocre but hopeful and potentially great racer The Crew. Unlike the first news, these last two games are surprising.


New Witcher show in development at Netflix

Does Netflix have a direct contender to HBO’s Game of Thrones? I think yes! With an untapped series like The Witcher for film audiences, this is Netflix’s perfect chance to out do themselves. CD Projekt Red’s wonderful game series, which acts as a sequel of sorts to the original novels, just wrapped up, leaving the air open for Netflix to swoop in. Thankfully, Netflix is doing this, an entertainment company that has a great track record of making hits as well as critically acclaimed pieces. Check out my wish list for the cast on the site, going up Saturday the 21st.


A screenshot from the Polish take on a Witcher show. As his face indicates, it was pretty terrible.


Project Rap Rabbit sees two music-game pioneers join forces

Masaya Matsuura (PaRappa the Rapper) and Keiichi Yano (Gitaroo Man, Elite Beat Agents) are joining forces for their next project. A Kickstarter, codename Project Rap Rabbit has a $1.1 million goal by June 19, which it’s currently sitting at $137,530 as of May 19.

The short trailer has a lot of style and the music is a great throwback to PaRappa. Hopefully we get to see these two music game pioneers collaborate some time next year.


Last modified: May 20, 2017