Nintendo Unveils NX

Nintendo is Unveiling the NX

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Nintendo Nx

Nintendo Is Unveiling the NX

Nintendo will be unveiling the prolonged and much awaited, mysterious! NX console tomorrow at 7am PT/ and 10am ET, oh yes we are super hyped up for this, I’m getting my Nintendo Gear prepped armed and ready because this is honestly going to be an event that I can’t miss, actually this is an event no Nintendo fan can miss, because we have been looking forward to seeing this Hybrid/portable/console and we really just are nervous and happy at the same time, because we really hope it’ll be a console that will succeed the Wii U correctly and put Nintendo back on the map, instead of those who bash it for being ‘Original’ and too ‘innovative’. They have successfully increased the hype ten-fold and we are delighted to say that our bodies are Reggie! Here is the post linked below that the official Nintendo facebook page posted literally a few minutes as week speak currently at 20:58 or 8:58pm ET, We will keep you updated with a live feed on this exact page via Nintendo’s Main Youtube page so check it out!

Nintendo has gone ahead to mention that this is an unveil trailer. We are not sure what they mean by that, but we pretty much acknowledge that it will just be a showcasing of the Nintendo NX console, as we said before with all the rumors that have been going on as of late, we really just hope that we will be seeing a console; that doesn’t come close to all those rumours about having a Cartridge slot, or being super underpowered compared the Xbox One and PS4. We’ve set the bar pretty high with this one and we hope Nintendo will not disappoint. Nintendo also went ahead to state that this will be a full 3-minute video, so yeah go cook your popcorn 6 minutes before the show and get ready to watch the 3 minutes of juicy love boating that we’ve all been anticipating. Let’s go!

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Last modified: October 19, 2016