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Nintendo makes Zelda dungeoning A Reality with ScrapZelda

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Today my Hyrulians, we ponder this earth with reason, ohh yes it’s that time of the year where Nintendo lashes out at us with fan favorite content, releases, information, games and more, but today we’ll be seeing something extra special as Nintendo unveils it’s latest party hat trick. Zelda Scrap #CueTheHashTags, ScrapZelda is your way to experience the most beloved Zelda series in a way that will make your head crunch and have a good time with your friends while doing it. Nintendo claims in the video they published on various social media platforms that 6 players will be joined together into one group, so whether you have your own party or join with complete strangers to complete the quest is completely up to you.

Zelda is Nintendos best

What you should know About ScrapZelda

Before you start you should know that in order to play you must reserve your ticket that states your exact playing time on it, so it’s sort of like scheduling an appointment to play, in the image above you can see different assortments of packages that are included when you do decide to enjoy the experience, with the premium bonus being the coin you receive and the poster you receive as well. This is a nice addition including that you’d be paying well over the minimum price for tickets, in order to collect the limited edition items that will be available, you’ll also be able to purchase merchandise after you’ve completed or your times up from the game. So maybe they’ll have these items available to you in case you wanted to reconsider.


Your main objectives are to solve puzzles, find clues and solutions and try to escape from the mayhem that will occur, if you suck and you can’t find the answers, Good ‘ol Nintendo will help you out with a solutions walkthrough to complete the dungeon, one thing Nintendo mentions themselves or rather the ScrapZelda website mentions is that people should not release the answers online to solve the clues, and to let the people enjoy the fun of looking for something, and to that I say. Very well put, I would be really annoyed if someone decided to be a dick and told me the spoilers before I got to enjoy the experience of going through it. So folks please follow the rules, please. Here’s an image directly from ScrapZelda’s Website on how to play:

How To Play

How 2 play

So I think I covered most of the things I wanted to speak about, now I want you to to go to Nintendo’s website and check all of the information out yourselves, I’m just an informer.


Last modified: November 18, 2016