Nintendo Showcases New Zelda Art Book

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In recent news, Nintendo released a short 5-minute video in their ironically named Nintendo Minute series. With Kit & Krysta holding a rather large book featuring the Legend Of Zelda series. The book called ‘Art’s & Artifacts’ in comparison matches the height and width(the artifacts book may be a bit thicker) of the Hyrule Historia, which Nintendo has made a limited edition for. The company in charge of publishing the book, Dark Horse Comics. Will be making a return to continue Nintendo’s lineage of video game history.

Zelda arts and artifacts

Warning! Spoilers To The Book Reign Here

Today we see basically the same concept; a basic version of the book with a limited edition version of it as well. The book will feature artwork from Nintendo’s many launches of the series old franchise. Games including Wind Waker, Twilight Princess, Breath of The Wild, A Link Between worlds and much more. It also features artifacts that were present within the games and may have been forgotten through all of the deep Hyrulian lore.

There are a lot of deleted scenes within this book that didn’t make the cut in their plethora of games. Interviews with the producers, directors and developers of the series are featured in the back pages of the book. Unfortunately, unlike the previous iteration of these style of books produced by Dark Horse Comics, there is no short 15-page original manga story.

Kit&Krysta have also announced in the video that Nintendo will be hosting a giveaway for 2 copies of their regular copies of the book. As to why just a regular copy instead of a limited edition one? We’re not sure. However, you have from the 10th of February until February 17th to enter the competition. Details follow:

To enter, make sure you are subscribed to the Nintendo YouTube channel (, give this video a thumbs-up, and post this exact phrase in the comment section of the video you are watching right now and fill in the blank “My favorite Legend of Zelda character is __________ #SweepstakesEntry #NintendoMinute


ComedyNGaming will be reviewing a copy of the limited edition version of the book upon release, so expect that to be there.



Last modified: February 10, 2017