The Nintendo Switch Games and Features from April’s Nintendo Direct

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In a live, 35-minute Nintendo Direct broadcast, Nintendo’s energetic and fun Deputy General Manager Yoshiaki Koizumi provided gamers with a massive update on future games and features for both the Nintendo 3DS and Switch–he also did a snazzy finger pointing motion a bunch of times to play in each clip. Here at ComedyNGaming, we’ve done the work of compiling and summarizing a list of these games and updates for you.


Nintendo’s new fighting game, Arms is scheduled for release on June 6, and true to its name, it has players beating each other up with mechanical, extendable robot arms! The Direct took almost a quarter of its time to highlight the upcoming hit. Biff, the game’s lively commentator, gave viewers a rundown of the different types of weaponized arms. There are the standard glove-type arms, multishot arms for spread attacks, curving arms for more precise strikes, heavy-type arms for attacks with sheer force, and whip arms. Players can lace special damage properties to each of their arms too, from traditional elemental attacks like fire, ice, electric, and wind to more specific effects like explosion, stun, and blind. The game is designed to have hundreds of weapons combinations and, like any equipment-based game, you use your arms to win more arms with in-game currency.

Only Nintendo could dream up this monstrosity!

There’s also a cast of in-game fighters who you can either play as or whale on to win their special arms with such wild names as Ribbon Girl, Master Mummy, Spring Man, and Min Min, the Ramen Girl. Nintendo utilizes a battle between Min Min and Spring Man to teach players the game’s various strategies from dodging and landing huge offensive attacks to slowly racking up little hits for a slow but steady win. There’s even a 2 on 2 mode if four arms wasn’t enough fun for you.

Those noodles look pretty al dente!


Splatoon 2 for Nintendo Switch took up the second largest amount of time. The presentation started with a grainy, VHS-era prospective employee hype video for the in-game company and research lab, Grizzco Industries. Inklings in teams of four will visit an abandoned manmade island to hunt down power eggs in the new Salmon Run. The new gameplay mode pits four-man teams against hordes of sea monsters called Salmonids, which are often led by larger bosses. Incapacitated teammates can be revived by their active allies during intense skirmishes. Power Eggs can be traded for swag that remains unstated at this moment. In any case, it’s an odd and perky take on corporate culture and colonialism. Splatoon 2 will also come with special amiibo of its own whilst offering support for the original Splatoon’s amiibo.

In other Switch news, the Standalone Nintendo Switch Dock will be available for purchase in limited quality on May 19th. It allows one to connect their Nintendo Switch console to one TV but move their controller and games between docks without having to move the source system. Perfect for people with large houses and wallets!

Nintendo will also be offering the Switch’s detachable Joy Con controller in Neon Yellow. It’ll definitely make it easier to find if you lose it. There is also a new attachment that grants the portable controller a pack that allows longer battery life. Both of these will be released on June 16!


Koizumi also touched on a ton of Switch games coming out throughout the rest of the year!

  • Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, launching April 28, has a plethora of new characters including the Squids from Splatoon and Isabelle from Animal Crossing New Leaf. It promises more tracks and characters from the start that any other entry in the series. You can race and battle people online in different modes or even create your own online tournament with many customizable rule sets. Nintendo will also be launching its own tournaments for both racing and battling.
  • Minecraft is coming to the Switch on May 11 (physical copies available at a later undisclosed date) with multiplayer support that allows up to eight crafters to create with one another together online. For a bit of crossover fun, there’s also the Super Mario mashup pack releasing on the Switch with tons of pre-downloaded Mario maps and special exclusive items. 
  • Disgaea Complete 5 is being released for Switch on May 23rd and it promises more adorable, scantily clad chibi characters, powerful attacks with long names, and complex tactical roleplaying fun. This time, you’re following the pink-haired Princess Seraphina and the scraggly Killia on their journey through the Netherworld. Nintendo will be providing a demo dose of the game very soon.
  • Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers is a reincarnated release of Street Fighter II that launches on May 26 with two “new” playable characters, Evil Ryu and Violent Ken. You can choose between playing with crisp HD graphics or classic pixel art. There are local and online competitive modes and, most notably, a two-player co-op mode where you and a buddy share an opponent and a single health bar. Lastly, there’s a Light Battle feature for less competitive gamers where special moves can be easily activated with a tap on the touch screen.
  • Nintendo also continues to expand its collection of retrogames for the Switch with the NEOGEO Arcade Archives. Fatal Fury, Over Top, Blazing Star, Garou: Mark of Wolves were just some of the old games displayed. Samurai Showdown IV: Amakusa’s Revenge is downloadable starting April 13th!
  • Fate/Extella The Umbral Star’s Switch version gets a launch date of July 25. Within the game, you command a host of magical anime-inspired “servants” and bend them to your will, slaughtering hundreds upon thousands of enemies. The trailer showed entire armies being engulfed by mystical flames and other area of effect attacks.
  • Sega’s Sonic Forces is headed to Nintendo Switch for 2017’s Holiday season. It promises crisp graphics, fast-paced cartoon violence, and the opportunity to play as classic Sonic in a bizarre plot twist where he is ripped away from his homeworld. Older Sonic fans will be pleased with Sonic Mania, a new yet nostalgic entry in the Sonic tradition of 2D sidescrolling and platforming slated for release this summer.
  • The Namco Museum and its library of retrogames will be available on Nintendo EShop this summer. The highlighted titles included Pacman, Galaga, and Splatterhouse. Players can choose between a modern horizontal screenview or a retro vertical arcade view and participate in two-player local co-op modes for many of the games.
  • Project Mekuru is a game where four players compete to flip panels over to match their colors. Watching it, I was reminded of an old Mario Party 5 minigame. Will it be enough to sustain a whole game? Find out this summer.
  • THQ Nordic brings Sine Mora Ex, a beautifully updated version of the classic sidescroller shoot ‘em up genre that takes place in a wartorn dystopia, to the Switch this summer. Beneath the simple dodge bullets and shoot bad guys dynamic is a complex story of tragedy, morality, and genocide. It, too, comes with a local co-op and versus mode. THQ Nordic is also sending Battle Chasers: Night War, a JRPG inspired by the hit, if not sluggishly released, 90’s comic to the Switch in the late summer, though no new features or gameplay mechanics were discussed.
  • PuyoPuyo Tetris is coming to the West on the Switch. It’s like Tetris but instead of lines of blocks you have clumps of Puyo monsters who explode with a chatter. I can’t say I understand it, but apparently it’s hugely popular in Japan. The demo is available now with the full game coming to North America on April 25th.
  • Monopoly, the five-hour board game that wrecks families and friendships, is also coming to the Switch this Fall. If you ever wanted to see your top hat or steamship hop through a CGI city, now’s your chance. It supports up to six players and comes with a rumble function so you can pretend you’re actually rolling dice (does anyone really want that?). I can imagine that having it on a portable game console will make things move much faster and with a lot less cheating, too.
  • Rayman Legends: Definitive Edition doesn’t have a definitive release date, but it will have a bunch of exclusive multiplayer features, including the option for two local players to join their systems for cooperative play as well solo and tournament options for the game’s socceresque Kung Foot mode.
  • For the grownups, Payday 2, the highly involved bank robbing game, will be available on the Switch for fall. Nintendo promised a treasure trove of content for the grand larceny game, but did not mention any specifics.

Last modified: April 14, 2017