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Nintendo’s NX System Release Date, Predictions and more!

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Hey guys, it’s been a while since I’ve last posted on this site, but I am back and here to stay, I heard word lately, Ooh that rhymes anyways, I’ve heard lately that Nintendo’s NX System leaks have been surfacing and I just wanted to inform those who follow the blog about it, so here’s what I am predicting and also what I gathered from other sites.

Release Date:

Based on the statements made from AMD, we can assume that the release date for the NX system will be sometime next year, but given that the Wii U just released 3 years ago I’m going to say that it will be released maybe late next year or Mid 2017, wow we’re already in the future, Jeez that’s going to kill me! Anyways! Continuing from what I stated, the NX will be released by that time, and hopefully it will be a nice little surprise for us, who have been waiting for new details to emerge from the evil depths of gaming hell.

AMD; Nintendo NX system

AMD Company working with Nintendo for NX System

Nintendo is Working with AMD for NX:

Well I’ve heard news that Nintendo has been given out some nice tips towards AMD, and well we have it here, hopefully it will be a faster Processor, great quality for gaming and awesome speed. I think nerds and geeks and ‘gasm correctly, now looking at this amazing piece of hardware, we of course know that it will be a combination of handheld to console gaming, what an experience.

Nintendo Wii U, Snes Game Cartridge and Disc

Nintendo’s Wii U Disc and NES Cartridge

Nintendo’s Using Cartridges instead of Disc:

Now this I’m going to call BULLSHIT! Why?! Well let’s talk, obviously the Wii, and Wii U are still alive and well, if you just move console generation all together you’ll have the PS4 and Xbox One problem and being Nintendo I know they don’t even want to resemble those companies, so making their systems backwards compatible is a giant leap ahead of all those who are ahead because they have the ability to allow users to you the NX as a main console and still buy all the Wii U games they have.

NX; Achievements points system Nintendo

Image designed by Draginto, Describing Points System.

Nintendo’s Going to have an achievement system:

What is an achievement system? Well think of Xbox’s Achievements you earn from completing a special task, or PS4s Trophys which I hate a lot, but that’s another discussion on it’s own, Achievement will bring out the competition in gamers, who will play on the NX system because they will be able to compete with gamer score, or Player levels, or better yet they can feel rewarded from doing an impossible task I honestly think this is going to be a different yet awesome experience. Nintendo let’s kick this in the ass and have some hardcore gaming fun, with of course Casual games 😉

Social Nintendo Mulitplayer Gaming

Social Multiplayer, for all to enjoy, I guess.

Nintendo is going to make NX more Social:

What could Ginto Possibly mean by this statement?! Thought you wouldn’t ask my behemoth of a friend, listen close. Know how Nintendo’s been lacking in the community voice in games I’m talking about those people who communicate over the internet on multiplayer games, although I hate those nuisances *Cough* Cough* Squeakers. I happen to like the comedy and mischief that happens in the background. Beatboxers, Jokers and Ragers oh man the fun it is. So I think Nintendo will find some balance like they always do to incorporate that into their games with multiplayer, such as Xenoblade for example.

Nintendo is awesome.

That’s been my thoughts and theories so I’ve been Ginto and GoOodByeee!

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Last modified: December 22, 2015