Overwatch Update Hints An Impending Hero Announcement

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Doomfist Looming?

Overwatch heroes often feel hydra-esque, whenever one hero is released, another has various rumors emerging in the wake of the announcement. Overwatch’s newest rumored hero, Doomfist is no different. After months of fan speculation for Doomfist’s possible release, a recent Public Test Region update gave the community a glimmer of hope that he might be announced quite soon.

By lightly data mining the update, Reddit users found various asset changes and additions hinting to Doomfist. Numbani’s payload held the most prominent of these asset changes. Players are accustomed to spending their time in Numbani escorting a payload containing Doomfist’s gauntlet, but in this recent update, the gauntlet has vanished, leaving only shattered glass behind.



This change is only present on the PTR. On the live game, the gauntlet is still present, with its case fully intact.

A similar event occurred during the Overwatch Beta on Watchpoint: Gibraltar. Shortly before Blizzard released the cinematic short, “Recall” they shattered a window found in Watchpoint: Gibraltar’s first spawn area. That change foreshadowed Winstons fall through that same window during the short.  Overwatch community members believe that the gauntlet alteration could possibly be alluding to a similar event occurring with Doomfist.

Data miners have also discovered what they believe to be Doomfist’s theme song present on the PTR. A similar song was present in Overwatch’s first cinematic short where the mcguffin was Doomfist’s gauntlet, confirming fans belief that it is in-fact Doomfist’s theme.

Lastly, fans have discovered a change in Overwatch’s hero gallery. The bottom row has been adjusted slightly to the right as if leaving room for a new hero to join the fray. Of course, we’re all assuming that the spot will be taken by Doomfist within the coming months.

Hopefully, we can find out what Blizzard is planning with Doomfist soon. I’m sure his announcement is going to be huge and done with far more eloquence than Sombra’s ARG. I can only hope that much at least.

Last modified: February 9, 2017