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PlayStation 4 Games Are Coming To PlayStation Now

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Sony has announced through a Playstation Blog post that everyone’s favorite game streaming service, PlayStation Now, will soon be expanding its catalog to stream PlayStation 4 games as well. If you’re currently a subscriber to the service, a closed beta for the addition will be rolling out in a few weeks.

Sony hasn’t yet announced which current generation games will be available for streaming though I’m sure that like PS Plus, its selection will predominately contain PS4s older classics.

As of March 2017, PlayStation Now boasts a game collection of over 480 PlayStation 3 games that are streamable to play on both PS4 and Windows PC.  Using the service is currently the only backwards-compatiblity option if you’d like to play PlayStation 3 games on your current generation console. Luckily, the service uses cloud game saves, allowing you to start playing a game on your PS4 and pick up where you left off on PC.

Xbox users shouldn’t feel too left out. Microsoft recently announced that an Xbox game pass will be launching in Spring 2017. Using the pass, players will be able to not only stream but also download Xbox One and Xbox 360 games to their console.

PS Now costs $20 a month and $100 US dollars a year. You can currently try a 7 day free trial for the service on either your console or PC.


Last modified: March 14, 2017