New Pokemon Game Unceremoniously Released Today For iOS and Android

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New Pokemon Game

Surprise! A new Pokemon game has abruptly released today for iOS and Android.

The game, called Pokemon Duel is a free-to-play board game for mobile platforms. It was originally released as Pokemon Co-master in Japan last April, but only now has it seen an English release.

In the game, you’re able to collect Pokemon from the first 6 generations of games. These Pokemon will be labeled in-game as Pokemon Counters. You unlock more Pokemon Counters by using Duel’s in-game currency, to buy chests from the shop.

When you’re done collecting Pokemon Counters bring them on down to Duel’s main feature, the arena. Pokemon Duel doesn’t feature the same turn based combat as it’s parent series. Instead, you’re playing a board game where the goal is to move your Pokemon Counters across to the opposite side. If you run into an enemy counter, mid-board it will result in a dueling minigame.

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Last modified: January 24, 2017