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Pokemon Go Drives Nintendo 3DS sales

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Nintendo reports that their 3DS handhelds have made a jump in the leaderboards following its first month of release from the popular mobile title Pokemon Go, fans have decided that playing the mobile game just wasn’t enough and they craved a little more than just throwing Pokeballs at Pokemon in efforts to regain the Joyce of having caught an awesome new Pokemon. Nintendo reported an up to 80% increase in their total handheld consoles and profits from the now almost 2-year-old remakes of Ruby and Sapphire,  they have seen a jump in sales putting them in 8th place of total 3DS sales and Kirby: Planet Robobot takes the stand at 11th, not only is this the biggest freaking advantage for Nintendo, but this means they have the money to pay the bills when they are only months ahead of the launch of the Nintendo NX now we can only dream that it’ll be just as awesome as we thought it would be.

Anyway we are glad to see Nintendo gain momentum with the release of their titles and we always do love to see the dedication of the fans behind them when they release their games, as millions are just waiting to see what’s in store for Nintendo and it’s future in console gaming, although CNG has hope because we fucking love you.

Thank you all for reading and this has been a quick update for those Nintendo Lovers!

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Last modified: August 20, 2016