A Site Update on ComedyNGaming

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What’s been going on recently?

ComedyNGaming has been hard at work recently, and it’s not with just our outside jobs. We are currently working on ways to improve the community for the audience, which means YOU, yes YOU tuning in to this article post about the update on our site. Currently we’ve upgraded our comment system to Disqus a fun, new interactive way to talk and engage with us within our site. The more we can see you guys and gals interract the more it motivates us to keep dropping you the freshest content we quite possibly can, it’s all in good favor of course. So don’t forget to scroll to the bottom of our articles to be able to find the Disqus comment system waiting for you to use those magic fingers and reply to us with feedback. The more the better.

How We’ll be working!

In another update, we’ve added a few more staff members to the mix to try to get the articles out there in the public quicker. 2 of which you might know as Just Lunning and Thomas Tuna as unique their names, so are their interests and you’ll be seeing a lot more from them in the recent future sure to speak. I myself, The one and only beautifully narcisstic gentlemen; Ginto will be in the loop as well trying to deliver more content to the website. We know we’ve been lacking in what seems to be a forever loop of missed on content, but we’ve come to our senses and brought this matter to our attention. We will be working a schedule and pulling all necessary strings to get the content shipped out. Please be sure to engage us through signing up with our newsletter, commenting on our systems or sending us some sources for various topics. Which you can do through this link:

Closing it right.

Our last update has to do with advertising, We’re currently planning on adding an extra panel for advertising. Please don’t be alarmed however, we will not be adding popup advertisments or anything of the sort that will get in your way of reading one of our articles. Our intentions will never be that at all. CNG or ComedyNGaming wants to keep giving you the best of both worlds in terms of content and activity. We would kindly do request that you whitelist our website from your adblocker in order to keep our drives potentially going and support the miles long cross to putting our names out there and in a place where we can continue to provide you with interesting gaming, comic, anime and more related topics. So thank you for doing that.


Sorry for this long, yet very important update about CNG. I hope you can enjoy the content we have to offer and can continue to support our endeavors, I’ve been Ginto and CNG out!


Last modified: January 4, 2017