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Sony’s new price drop for PS4s to $349

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Sony, known for releasing the Playstation 4 or Playstation line has just dropped it’s prices out in Japan. After such news everyone should have reason to believe that prices will be dropped in North America too, ¥34,940 is now the new price of the system in Japan and news gets out quick, I managed to find out that Sony will also be dropping the prices out here in the Americas to of course $349 from $399 $50 price drop means a lot in the gaming world and even many others know that too, so by late October to November prices will be dropped to $349 a holiday price drop. This is another push to selling more consoles from the company to it’s competition, we expect or I should say I because I’m the only one who writes to this site, but I should be expecting consoles sales to go up by 2 – 8 million since it is holiday season, if the prices drop alongside black friday prices I expect 3 million more units to sell totally 11 million units that would be sold by the end of November or even December.

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Last modified: September 30, 2015