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Sony’s Project Morpheus or VR set revealed?!

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Sony’s new project or well not so new, whichever you prefer is tapping in to the world of Virtual Reality, this one is pretty unique actually we’ve seen something with Oculus Rift, but the headset is actually quite nice, I’ll give you some juicy specs followed by a tender idea waiting to soak #Pause. Anyways let’s get back to the Old Ginto formula and let’s get this show on the road!

Sony’s VR Headset specs:

I’ve been doing some research and thanks to a few blogs out there I have come to discover the VR’s specs:

  • 5.7-inch 1080p OLED display
  • 100-degree field of view
  • 120Hz refresh rate

Now these are a little bit of specs, but automatically you can see the beauty of the headset itself, the OLED display will simply put a nice natural and colorful, bright picture in your eyes, I mean it’s impressive for true gamers, another thing it that refresh rate, wooh! I’m nerding off to this! 120Hz refresh rate, image visuals coming from the games looking smooth and as clean as possible, not only is this freaking awesome, but it will make me want to sit on top of a cloud and visualize how awesome it would be to throw down some shells and shit at a true 3D perspective.

Limited Edition; Sony VR headset

Sony Is Making a Limited Amount of Copies:

I’ve word of Sony, doing the unthinkable, In a rumor of course it’s just a rumor no need to believe it, but I heard that Sony will Limit the number of VR puppies that will be arriving to their homes at First round. Basically here’s how it goes, Sony will be only making a Limited number of copies that people of course can buy, but if it is not a good launch day for them they will back out and take custody of the leftover VRs, and spending more time to fix the project, which is good. However, what about the ones that were purchased? I’ve seen Animes and other movies, those headsets can blow your brain into your ass, if they have a mishap so those with the bad models should get mandatory replacements, just to be aware of the care Sony is taking for the public.

Sony's VR Headset Pros and Cons

Sony’s VR Headset Pros and Con

Sony’s VR Pros and Cons:

Well everything seems real nice and dandy, until you rocked the boat and tilted us onto some crap we might hate having to work with, let’s look at these pros and cons I made up.

  • Want to look like a sci-fi character from the future = THIS headset
  • Looks sleek, white looks good with anyone
  • The design and specifications are nicely high end
  • Nice collection of games will support it
  • Does not need a break box to plug through HDMI
  • Lights on the headset are too bright and too many
  • Price will probably kill you
  • Motion controllers and such aren’t all that great with it
  • Can’t put headphones on
  • A little heavier than Oculus Rift
Sony Project Morpheus Price revealed

Project Morpheus Project predictions

Sony’s Headset Price predictions:

Well as you all know, I’m not the most famous guy around, but I do have a brain and a knack for pricing so let me tell you what I predict will the price go for in the VR’s standards from Sony. I pretty much think it’s going to steal your wallet, Or at least silently kill it, in it’s sleep. Pretty much I estimate this device to be around the same price as the PS4 or maybe even more. So roughly around $400 – $600. It’s new, trending, speced-up and fairly good. So with that being said I believe if you can really afford it, even after selling all your cattle you old dog, then go out buy it, tell me how it is and I’ll write about it. Thank you so much, kindly Ginto. In all seriousness though I truly believe that to be the price, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

So I hoped you enjoyed, I have really went farther into detail about the Headset itself in terms of researching, but that’s what I could gather, from rumours and others, as well as other sites.


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Last modified: December 23, 2015