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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the wild Review (Demo)

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So this is our first very, very, very! Informative Review of a Video Game to be releasing soon to the public, today we were fortunate enough to play The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the wild for the first time today and man are we pleased with the results, there are way too many things to discuss and so little time, but we’ll try to get to the peace in a little bit, first let’s get into the background knowledge of what we saw in the demo, Link wakes up within a pool of water after looking around his surroundings after apparently being asleep for 100 years, Damn Link you look GOOD!  Waking up naked and all, you can either decide to leave Link in his current state (all you guys and gals out there 😉 ) or put some clothes on him. You immediately find the Sheikah Slate which is basically a piece of technology that works like a tablet, you can check your map, add beacons, checkpoints and find different spots to travel across towards. Another immediate notice is that you’ve lost the ability to roll! Noooo! Anyways as you enter the outside world, you’re met with a terribly amazing background where you can see the outcast of the draw distance showing the mountains, towers, structures and everything else and this is just a small junk of the actual map! Jeez! So immediately following an old man calls you over, you head towards him and he’ll tell you about you being in slumber for the last 100 years, after you’ve spoken with him you can do something pretty hilarious which is take the mans apple and he’ll yell at you for doing so, (who cares?), I found that the ability to interact with everything in the environment was crazily amazing, you can have link literally climb any structure as long as he has the stamina to do so.

The Legend of zelda Breath of the wild E3 2016 Sheikah

Theory of Sheikah existence

So I have a little theory, because the Sheikah appears everywhere in the series with close resemblance to this, we can be safe to assume that this will be something of a war that has been catastrophic to the existence of the Hylian people as you can see the Temple of Time in ruins, an old man is nearby who bares another close resemblance of the King in The Wind Waker, but what could have happened that created destruction upon Hyrule, that’s another big question. The old man tells you of your slumber and then proceeds to talk about these random tower structures that were created long ago and that they open the way to a new path, using the Sheikah slate of course, considering this I want to believe that the Shiekah had to create these structures in order to keep peace and separate the lands, which is why you aren’t able to travel farther than that without activating them.  The Sheikah implemented the slate technology as a means of security so that only the one they chose can be able to venture further into Hyrule’s dying state.

My personal Opinion with Pros and Cons

So with Reviews it’s obvious that ill have my personal opinion about what I enjoyed about the game and what I really didn’t so let’s get to that and for those of you who have played it or viewed it write down in the comments below what you preferred or rather quite liked about the game. So let’s get to this:

I for one really enjoyed the new control system I liked that you can control Link on command to jump by pressing “X”, I loved the quick paced action as well as just being able to climb on mountains and just looking like the ultimate badass that can never be tamed, another awesome thing is the be able to use this new Sheikah slate system in which you’ll use this piece of tech to help you navigate the massive open-world, gather new intel, upgrade your weapons or find your enemies. Using beacons that will show you in the mini map where you’ll be going, another cool thing the being able to burn the living shit out of everything, but that’s just what I’m so happy about or course the fire is cool, but this game gives your character the ability to interact with anything and everything chop down trees, steal apples or others spoils of the grounds and craft them to your need and feed link yourself!

pros –
  • Massive Open World
  • Beautiful Visuals
  • Interactive World
  • Obtain stronger and different weapons to continue your quest of greatness
  • Non-Linear Gameplay
  • Climb, Run, travel, break down your enemies, crush some skulls and burns the grounds killing all enemies in a nice morbid fashion
  • Beacons help you to navigate, rupees are playing the money system again, and use the environment to bend at your will such as using a “deku leaf” to go down mountains and such
  • Stamina can be annoying if you can’t upgrade, you can get pretty far, but you’ll quickly see how shortcoming it is (Hopefully you can improve it)
  • Weapons break a bit too easily
  • Story progresses a bit slow
  • Visuals may not be ‘realistic’ to your liking, although it’s an opinion for some
  • You can beat the game from the beginning by killing final boss, my person dislike is not going through at least some kind of story to find out who the boss is, I’m pretty sure they’ll make it difficult to get there unless you obtain a range of weapons acquired within the game.
  • Cuccoos beating my ass.

Wrapping up!

Okay to wrap up, this game is going to be in my personal loving opinion succeed, because I’m a Zelda fan and you should be one too! Who asked your opinion? Seriously, you’ll have to really go ahead and buy this latest installment in the the legendary franchise that is the Legend of Zelda, with so many changes being made and so many things going for this it’s hard not to dislike this game without sounding like a nitpicker, Our demo review was a wonderful experience where we had a chance to see the Zelda World Re-imagined in a current gen way. Kudos to you Nintendo!

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Last modified: August 18, 2016