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The Legend Of Zelda; Passion and Happiness

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My personal Idea

As I told most of the followers of this blog, in which I thank you for following, I’m a huge Zelda fan and I won’t stop at that point right there! Being a Hyrulian takes full responsibility, for instance collecting, being on the inner end of knowledge of the series and events, I personally follow several dedicated Zelda blogs including and favorite). Discovering new things on my own about the series of by reading about it from fellow lovers of the franchise. I mean seriously I just can’t get enough, no not the black eyed peas song, everyday I don’t think about it, but often than not I have it referenced in my brain so I can go back to it and enjoy the nostalgia or pre-stalgia from old and new coming games.

Reasons to Love 

It’s enticing with it’s stories, it’s driven by personality and thought about life and how you should accept it, crazy how a video game can teach you life lessons, and being able to want to follow them afterwards.

The music is just awesome, A nerdgasm can incur after listening to these beautifully monstrous works of art.

The gameplay and artsy take on all of it’s games, each game has it’s own characters and new set of artwork, whether in 2d, 3d or toon the art comes to life in every Zelda franchise hate it or love it is based on your opinions. 

It’s a theory hog, bundles and bundles of theories are made up of this series and yet, I love the hell out of them, I mean seriously have you stepped out of your man cave and searched the interwebs on youtube for zelda, the hyperion list of theories is a killer. 

The series adds character; I’m not talking about Link the character or Tingle for those who are absolutely obsessed. I’m talking about what makes them a character, the emotion they put in without speech, can say much of a thousand words and represent every bit of it. Tingle we can tell is a comedic character who has dreams of becoming something he knows he can not, but no matter what he tries and tries, and never agrees to failure. He wants to be a fairy even though he’s 30 years old and living with papa-san most likely in the basement, but needless to say that is the emotion of no speech,  Just dialog and passion. 

What not to love

The series is known for holding you back and forcing you follow something we gamers like to call a linear path, but that’s in the most recent previous games, but in the past they used to not be linear at all and let you choose any way you want, like A Link between Worlds and Triforce Heroes a return back to the past.

Could seem a bit repetitive, with some games having you to save the princess it isn’t a Mario situation, but again this has been changing a bit with recent games.

Inability to play with our friends through multiplayer, I know this is starting to become a thing in the series, but I hope it stays like that.

Could feel a bit sluggish starting out, slow start and better finish.

So that’s it and I wrote a bit too much about the series, I will continue posting some other awesome non personal things for the time being, please give a comment about opinions and spread the word.

He never gets some of that Zelda! Sorry, but to give action we need action. A little kiss won’t hurt the audience, strictly PG; Point Gain. It seems a bit rewarding could do some justice for our lone hero, but that’s just me I guess anyways..

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