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Things bad about Playstation NOW

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While it’s great to say the PS4 has Backwards Compatibility. That! Just won’t do.. See I opened my PS4 and being old I noticed an option for a 7-Day trial with playstation now. I decided to take it, hearing all the news about PS4 being able to play it’s oldies again so I tried it out. I was pretty hyped that I can play any of their selections at no additional cost, but the problem with this was basically ‘Internet Connection’, see it’s a game streaming service and while the name “NOW” can probably point you in the right direction, it probably won’t take you far either.

Let me explain: I have an old Belkin G-router from a few years back and I get around 20 MBPS – 5OMBPS, somehow the PS4 can’t detect any of that so it completely deducts it for 6 mbps download speed and 2 mbps upload speed, I’m going to look into that later which I shouldn’t but whatever, so even with those speeds PS Now was still able to play the games, but with lag to the thousands. What’s worse is that you really can’t stop and wait a little bit, because there are so many people on one server it gets crammed and you basically get kicked, you feel like you’re playing an MMO with the way they do things on Sony’s end, while yeah I get the fact you need space, you also need to fix how your service runs, if Sony allows players to stream, why not give them the actual option to download the game like PS Plus does, and if they choose not to pay for the service anymore you can basically lock the games like you do the same method as PS PLUS, you’re saving space on the server and saving time. They would also be allowing more people to want to engage in the service, I mean the moment I couldn’t play my dysfunctional game, I quit my service. I’m sure many others feel the same. I think the worse thing about offering a service is offering a service that is not usable at all. Please Sony for the love of balls and nutsacks. Excuse my french cause I wasn’t born there, but do something with this people want to play backwards compatible games, not something that runs backwards.


Anyways I’ve been Draginto and GooOodByeeee!

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Last modified: February 11, 2016