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Things you should know about the PS4; My Perspective

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So as you read the title I’m supposing you did read it, I wanted to go about Discussing a few things about a certain little console in which shares my happiness and my regret. I’ll be detailing all of that very soon, just wait. So I’m not sitting on a pile of feces, when I finish this article, let me start by saying. My opinion. My thoughts, but I like you guys and gals, so I trust I’m not going to get kneed and neckbone karate chopped so don’t rampage and rant at me, just love me! That’s all.

PS4 Cons and Pros?!

Many people still haven’t went out and purchased a PS4 that’s totally fine, different opinions match different people and ideas, but Being the kind of entity I am, I’m going to Draginto you. I want people to realize that with all good things there are bad things. It’s the Yin and Yang of things and it always has been for centuries honestly. So here’s the few things I have to point out about the PS4.

Pros – 

  1. Nice design
  2. Games are beautiful running at 60fps and 1080p HD
  3. Comfortable design
  4. Compact
  5. Fast when loading games, great at keeping low sound
  6. Amazing games that are exclusive
  7. Controller suits me great

Cons –

  1. Takes a long time to turn on and takes longer to turn off of rest mode from clicking the power button on the console.
  2. The power plug to the PS4 is really short so, you need to keep it closing to an outlet or have an extension cord for it, if it disconnects it then has to scan the system for any errors
  3. Share features aren’t that great and often times you can get a bit confused on which button is which.
  4. Touchpad, light bar, Speaker are things that most developers will under develop on when building games.
  5. Console OS has some minor glitches, won’t affect the system, but can lead to an error if not corrected.
  6. Console OS  is a bit confusing if people aren’t familiar with the generation of gaming.

The PS4 Is a great side partner when you have a Wii U, because you can have exclusive access to Nintendo games and Exclusive access to PS4 games alongside third party companies supporting it. I personally think the PS4 is good, I just wish the controller was more battery power efficient, so I wouldn’t have to grab my charger in the midst of times, especially when I’m battling it out, 360 no-scoping across the map, with a turkey in my gun, but you know that’s just me. Give this console a go, get a refund if you don’t like it. No harm no foul.

Don’t let this try you away from buying the system and if you’re okay with this then steady on forth and addth me once right away! I believe this console is great, I love the aspects of it, and having a good time online with friends and others is hell of a lot of fun. Enjoying and with the new price drop competing for Xbox One the system gets better you can buy the PS4.

Anyways I’ve been Draginto and GoOoDByeee!

Ginto facts – I can read. Boom.

Last modified: November 12, 2015