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Triforce Heroes; Facts you Need to know

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Well as a gigantic Zelda fan, I find that the most deliciously crafted video games that are fun and cartooned has been by the company named Nintendo, now if you don’t know Nintendo I want you to re-think your life situation and do some research, but if you do then you must know what I mean even if you’re a Sony or Microsoft fan, many know Nintendo as the godfather of fun and extremely long time games and series, such as Mario, The Legend Of Zelda, Metroid, Kirby, Earthbound(Mother) and so many more, cue the people killing me because I didn’t mention Fire Emblem or Pokemon, or Donkey Kong. You get the poooint! Anyways this topic can be discussed in a different article. Now! Triforce Heroes is part of the LOZ(see above mentioned)series. Keeping the toon style from the wind waker series Mr. Aonuma decided to create a fun little title that included a triple threat between the main character Link. previously it was 4 of them in other titles like four swords adventures. This game looks fantastic and is a refresher to the old style of playing zelda games. With the unique talents of each character for say propelling off of each other, it almost seems “Mario-like”, the Mario and Luigi titles had sort of a similar mechanism, but with only Mario and his acclaimed brother Luigi.

But here are the good things to know about this new installment in a long time series that I love so freaking much! I mean I’m backflipping with farore, nayru, and din. (Catch that reference if you can). Anyways here we go:

  • Compatible with DS download play
  • Play multiplayer with many friends or strangers and unlocking costumes total 32
  • Able to pick the items you use 
  • non-linear to linear type of play
  • Mini games
  • 1 -3 players can play 

This is all I know for now. Of course this is only what I researched, I don’t get many contacts so too bad about that.

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Last modified: October 1, 2015