Two More Overwatch Women Planned To Receive Nendroid Treatment

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This news is coming only mere days after Overwatch’s Tracer was revealed to have a Nendoroid on the way. Now, two more women of Overwatch are set to receive the very same treatment.

According to a poster promoting Good Smile Company’s booth at the New york Toy Fair, Overwatch’s Mercy, and Mei are next in line to be immortalized as Nendoroids. As of right now, both of the ladies are only in the concept art phase, but Good Smile Company never releases concept art without planning to produce said figures later down the line. Rest assured, we’ll definitely be seeing Mei and Mercy both take physical form in the near future.



I imagine pricing will be similar to other Nendoroids, so each one should set you back around $50 dollars. Every figure does come with a bunch of accessories, tools, and poses to help justify that price. Mei might come with her Ice Gun and Ice Wall. Mercy may have her scepter ready for you to heal some allies with. Either way, they’ll be a great addition to any Overwatch collection.

Until then, you can pre-order Tracer’s recently announced Nendoroid from the Blizzard store. Tracer’s Nendoroid is set to release in the 4th quarter of 2017 and brings a bevy of poses and accessories to choose from.

Last modified: February 18, 2017