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Will Nintendo’s NX console be Detachable?

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What’s been going on recently

Well in the latest news about wacky inflatable tube Nintendo, comes its biggest hyped console of the season and yes if you could read the title that means you guessed it. The Nintendo NX is rumored to be released Q2 2017 which is roughly around March or April, with such a weird release date this brings many questions that can be discussed in a later topic, but one of the biggest rumors has been that the console will be engineered in a way that it will bind the definition of handheld and console gaming, as you know Nintendo is all for being innovators so we’re all not in disbelief that they can be doing such a thing, but we are just excited and kind of having an anxiety attack, see the biggest concerns about this console releasing is will it be a success? Being that Nintendo’s most recent console that was released ended up being a huge flop especially when Sony and Microsoft were around the Corner gathering what they could to make an overall more powerful console, but honestly it wasn’t the lack of power that drove Nintendo packing, it was the sheer lack of 3rd party support on such an extremely awesome console, owning a Wii U is really awesome, having double screens to work with especially if you’re in the mood to watch TV and game at the same time which is something I usually do, this console makes it worthwhile the hard part of this was how were the developers going to be able to develop on a console with 2 screens (it’s actually easy, they were just a tad lazy – Coming from a game dev to you). I had wished Nintendo reached out to devs more because I know there could be so much potential for the console, if only Nintendo explained it better and allowed them to fully grasp the use of it.

A Detachable NX is the best NX?

Now the NX comes with a question, because of it being a ‘hybrid’ console how will this affect the way we as gamers play, will we be able to actually take our console games with us or we can take them for a certain distance although that would be just making a more powerful Wii U 2 and we honestly don’t need the “ Wii “ name anymore although it has to give us gamers many fond memories.
Nintendo Nx

In a recent rumor there have been a mist of things splashy around the juicy gaming waves of late, and that would be that the NX will have detachable controllers as well as being portable, and we’re not sure if this is true or not, but we’ll just have to wait it out to see if we can get more viable answers and more in-depth information down the line as we enjoy our long wait, for an animist console by Nintendo. If interested please see our 9 things Nintendo has to do for the NX to not flop article.

Last modified: September 15, 2016