9 things Nintendo must do to make sure the NX does not flop.

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Evening gamers! It’s GODmadethunder here! If you play video games then chances are Nintendo has a special place in your heart. It’s no secret that the company has struggled with the Wii U in a number of ways, but that doesn’t mean Nintendo is going anywhere. Here are 9 things Nintendo must do to make sure the NX does not flop.  


Just want to make this clear. ComedyNGaming loves Nintendo.

1. Completely and ultimately separate this console from the Wii brand.

Now hear me out, I love the Nintendo Wii brand and everything that it has done for the gaming industry. It’s motion controls single-handedly revolutionized the way we play games as a whole. However, what wowed us about the Wii in 2006 is not as relevant a decade later, if anything it is seen as more of a gimmick. Saying goodbye is never easy, but it is time for the big N to hang up the big W.

2. Make the right marketing decisions


Who’s bright idea was it to just add a U to the end anyway?!

When the Wii U released in 2012, I was a freshman in high school. Just imagine my frustration trying to explain to other kids that the Wii U is a completely separate system from its predecessor. There’s still people to this day who think the Wii U is just an add-on or alternate controller for the Wii. Nintendo, for your own sake, handle the marketing properly.


3. Garner actual 3rd party support (not just Ubisoft and EA)

Imagine being able to play games like Grand Theft Auto 5 and Batman: Arkham Knight on the same system that you play Mario and Zelda on. Enough Said.


This would’ve been a game changer.

4. Shake off the “kiddy” image 

All of the kids who grew up playing Nintendo are now adults. As we change and grow older, so has our taste in games. I think Nintendo targeting families is a great strategy for the types of games that they produce, but it would also be in their best interest to target the core gamer audience. It’ll almost be impossible for the NX to fail if it does this, since what younger kids perceive to be “cool” is usually what the older kids are doing and playing.


This meme….this meme got the right idea….

5. Bust out those 1st party exclusives!


The 1st party games always have been and always will be the backbone of this company.

Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Starfox, F-Zero, Kirby, Pikmin, etc. etc. etc. The 1st party exclusives will be a crucial selling point for the NX. I think Nintendo is going in the right direction with the new Zelda game they unveiled, hopefully the other franchises get the same treatment.


 6. Make a regular controller


Innovative? Yes. Necessary? Not so much.

Nintendo has proven that they don’t need controller gimmicks to be successful. I was hoping the Wii U would come with a normal controller by default, but instead everyone just got a huge screen with buttons. Listen Nintendo, if the  games are good then there is no need for another generation of controller gimmicks. Make a normal one.

7. Update the graphics to compete with PS4 and XBO

The NX needs to be more powerful than the Xbox One (at least) to stay alive in this generation. It’s no secret that graphics and presentation have become a huge part of the video game market appeal, and since the NX is releasing mid-gen it has to have a strategy to be able to keep up. Meaning that if Sony or Microsoft decides to release a brand new system, the NX will still be on par with it.



8. Backwards Compatibility

download (1)

*applause emoji*

So far Nintendo is the only company to not completely screw this up, and they need to keep it that way. Even though the Wii U was somewhat of a disappointment for a lot of people, it still has an amazing library of games. It would be a tragedy if we wouldn’t be able to play games like Mario Maker and Smash Bros. on the NX, so keep the compatibility!



9. Show some pride and confidence this time around 

From a competitive standpoint it looks like Nintendo pretty much gave up this generation. Frankly, it just looks like they’re tired out there. A fresh new start has been long overdue, and this time around they must assert themselves as a dominant force in the industry once again. After all we are talking about Nintendo, the company that saved video games as we know it. They need to take back the power….NINTENDO POWER!


Dear Nintendo, Bring back the magazine while you’re at it!

Do you agree with my list? What are some things you think Nintendo should do to ensure the NX’s success? Let us know in the comments section !

GODmadethunder out.

Last modified: June 15, 2016