Anime: Studio Ghibli’s “Ocean Waves” Comes to the U.S

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If you like films that have that “Disney” feel to them then you absolutely have to check out Studio Ghibli, a world famous Japanese company that competes directly with Disney themselves and did we mention they have, up until now only developed Anime films? That’s a pretty big step up from most animation studios who attempt a Disney-like success, in Japan Studio Ghibli’s Disney is a man named 宮崎 駿 or Hayao Miyazaki, Miyazaki has created such high quality animated films over the years that it’s hard to miss them, from series like Spirited Away to Princess Mononoke, but we’re here for another film Tomomi Mochizuki’s film he directed it’s about a love triangle of good friends and a new one that comes into the picture, the main characters process the hardships they face and come to a solution in the and that’s the only input I’ll give so you can get your lazy asses up and watch the film when it comes to films next year, it has never been released to the U.S before, and it’s making its way to theatres as the Anime industry increases popularity in the Americas, the film will be remastered in 4K and 60fps, but specs are specs, the quality of this content however, will be something I recommend you go check out, if you’re with a friend, family or just your pet dog (I’m kidding), you should really follow this lovely story as GKIDS are the ones who are allowing this film to be viewed in New York City. They are proudly presenting Princess Mononoke as well in January. Special to you guys as gifts from CNG!


Last modified: December 14, 2016