Resident Evil 7 Biohazard Capcom Gameplay Trailer

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Interesting Opinion…

It seems like Capcom is strategically marketing for once as they finally release a new gameplay trailer for fans to rejoice once again and boy does it look like a juicy scare, I remembered playing the demo for Biohazard’s first hour and it gave me honest goosebumps like every second I played and as the aesthetics kept fucking with my head as well as the ambiance I knew I had to turn my console off, because I was not going to let any video game push me around and call me a bitch no sir, not today. Anyways as you can see in the trailer it is pretty nerve wrecking for horror game lovers although it would be nice if this were a different IP entirely, Resident Evil was an action/horror where you had to evade zombies that slowly came towards you where you just couldn’t say no, because you were forced to pursue the zombie instead of run away, in every corner there was something and it gave you a gigantic mindfuck as you parted with the paths in the original, this was the formula gamers wanted an interesting storyline and an even scarier adventure.

My Thoughts:

This looks sort of more like a reboot than Resident Evil’s Supposed ‘Sequel’, it just doesn’t satisfy our hunger for a series that was once loved to push the boundaries of the horror and shooter genre, the game itself looks great and could quite possibly put a few awesome scares in us, but it’s in first-person and looks like there are fewer zombies, in the trailer we see the protagonist run away from what appears to be a woman in search of something or him and he runs and hides to take cover, hopefully this is just a (Visual experience) type of gameplay video and not the actual gameplay itself although Capcom did state it as such when being released at Gamescom 2016, here’s hoping they listen to the fans pleas as we are only just looking out for the best of Capcom and the series we love, listen to those fans already damn it! We need the kind of third-person Eagle view from the original and we also would really love it if you guys kind of reviewed your roots before saying we’re going back to our roots and doing a weird sequel.

These, of course, are just my personal opinion and I really do hope the series and Capcom can show us fans why we should love this new installment although, many of games of recent are jumping ship for the zombie genre (Metal Gear Solid). Please Capcom up that gameplay up and make something of extreme quality we are begging you!

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Last modified: August 21, 2016