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The Classic Mega Man series goes mobile in January

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Ports, Rage and Popped Blood Vessels

In recent news, Capcom announced that they will be bringing our favorite blue man suit man, to a device near you. Yes in fact IOS and Android users will have a treat that comes in the form of the Mega Man series, featuring games 1-6 from the original NES days, these ports of the several games will come with “beginner’s luck” type of features which includes options to use an auto-fire, an auto charge and more. So if you’re in any way shape or form new to the Mega Man, but my pet peeve¬†comes with the fact that Mega Man is about precision and touch controls on portable devices have had a long history of being detrimental to your gameplay.

Mega Man

If you feel like rage quitting and pulling your chest hair simultaneously to come to your senses then this is probably something you can pick up, however, if you’re in it for speed running or various other reasons besides it being portable then you most likely shouldn’t pick up a copy via mobile, instead getting the Mega Man Legacy series or even buy it for the NES if you have the extra cheddar.¬†ComedyNGaming, either way, will be picking up a copy to try out and letting you know if it’s something worth mentioning. You can pre-register for this series through this link here:¬†Pre-Register

Last modified: December 20, 2016